Seattle is America's Biggest Company Town


Microsoft is in Redmond.

We have bad weather part of the year and amazing weather part of the year. There’s a little bit of transition between it. If you look at the happiest countries, clearly weather isn’t a major factor in happiness. The happiest places have weather that’s much worse than Seattle.


Because nice weather make people lazy. Low hanging fruit. Bad weather people have to do a lot more to provide for themselves. So they become smarter.


I always arrive at the same conclusion when I look at historical stereotypes of people from different places in any given region. People from colder hilly regions generally tend to be physically stronger and work harder since they are used to the hard work on a daily basis.


Yes, that’s why Europeans dominated the world because they came from the coldest place.


Just because you are out dominating people doesn’t mean you are happy…Seattle is the coffee capitol of the world…Many need the caffeine just to face those cold miserable days…England dominated the world for 500 years…They were all in a big hurry to get out Englands cold miserable weather…When I travel I see more Germans than anyone. .all trying to escape their cold miserable weather…Same with Canada. .I see way more Canadians in Mexico than Americans all escaping their miserable weather


People in the cold places are working hard in order to enjoy 10 days of life which are enjoyed by lazy people in warmer places

Lazy people live a better life than hard working ones


You guys are calling Chinese people lazy???


I didnt know China had good weather…In fact Bejing is supposed to have weather like New York…and horrible smog. .


China is not known as a vacation hot spot


China used to have very cold weather (last ice age). Glaciers first melted in China and it was the coldest place livable by humans. Europe was still under mountains of ice so cold that only Neanderthals could survive. So Chinese people evolved to be really smart. However, Europeans had the last laugh because they subsequently evolved from the even colder Europe, benefiting from its more favorable geography.


China is more homogeneous than Europe. .Europeans have been fighting wars among themselves for 3000 years…These conflicts have toughened them and forced them to immigrate all over the world…Warfare not climate is the true crucible of toughness…


Ever heard of Genghis Khan and his Mongolian Army?


China was unified for centuries. .Europeans have had two world wars in the last hundred years…They were at war with each other constantly. Never had more than 30 years of peace for the last 1000 years…It is a big reason Roosevelt was reluctant to fight…European civilization was all about war…He didn’t want to fight Europe’s war…The Japanese changed that…

Personally, I think we should have stayed out of WW1. If we had, Germany would have not been defeated and humiliated, Hitler never would have risen to power…WW2 would have never happened


All civilizations were constantly at war. The Chinese were constantly fighting nomads from the north (ever wondered why they built the Great Wall?). Even the Aztecs and Incas were fighting all the nearby tribes to consolidate into an empire. War is not a special invention of Europe!

What Europe had over other civilizations was its more advanced technology and system of government. It was able to evolve superior technology and system of government over others because of its geography. What made its geography so special was due to it being the coldest place on earth inhabitable by humans.



Good job amazon. Here’s where some of Amazon’s taxes will go. I wonder when Bay Area companies will develop a spine… eventually they will…


People are referring to the tax as the Amazon tax, since it only targets large employers. They also tried to pass a 1% income tax on incomes above $1M/yr which is clearly targeting Amazon execs. That was ruled to violate the state constitution which says taxes much be applied evenly to everyone.

I posted in another thread that property tax revenue is up 38% compared to the peak before the financial crisis. Population is up 10%. The county has more money per person that it did before. It’s managing it’s money terribly.

These insane budget over runs are why there aren’t more infrastructure projects. This is why we shouldn’t trust governments to spend money responsibly. There’s not enough accountability. There’d be a bunch of people fired before a company missed budget numbers by that much. These

Don’t get me started on the protesters against a juvenile detention facility. They don’t think any juvenile should be put in jail. I hope a juvenile delinquent slashes their car tires.


Hopefully Bay Area residents will ask these questions.


How about a workaround progressive tax:
0.01% tax on incomes < 1M
1% tax on incomes > 1M.

Sounds workaroundable?


It’s against the state constitution. Tax rates must be flat, so they are equal for everyone.