Seattle is America's Biggest Company Town



I have yet to meet up with an internet acquaintance who, by sheer coincidence, moved from Seattle to Payson within a month of my buying in Strawberry. He’s about 20 minutes away. Reason for move - he’s older and suffers from asthma. Wet air to dry air = no more asthma.


Why late as you know the price increases ever since 2012?


I only moved to Seattle last year. I had no reason to buy here before moving here. If I had bought right away, it’d have been in the city. Now I realize that’s not where I want to live.


Where do you want to live?


Most likely choice is Bainbridge Island. It’s insanely relaxing, the ferry has WiFi, and there’s a work shuttle fro, the ferry.


I would feel better if there is an actual bridge. I wouldn’t have considered buying in the East Bay if I had to take ferry every time to get to the city.


I have some reservations about that too. I do like the idea of it having WiFi and being able to work on it.


Seattle does have the chops to keep growing…

Meanwhile in California coming soon to Sacramento near you… is Gavin Newsom -> This guy

Supports tax hikes for public good

Newsom said he was supportive of the recently-adopted $52 billion gas tax hike to build up the state’s infrastructure. He also supports leaning more heavily on taxpayers to fund colleges rather than increase tuition costs.


Increasing tuition is bound to happen as colleges hire more and more administration.


Those are 2 of the many new taxes(whether taxes or tolls etc etc) coming to California… soon.


Surveys show most locals are against the head tax. Also, citizens are pissed about the bicycle lane debacle. They were supposed to cost $800k/mile. The first two projects checked in at $12M and $13M/mile. That’s more than just a little bit wrong. Also, spending on the homeless has dramatically increased while the results are worse. People are mad. They don’t trust the city council with more money. Oh, and there’s the soda tax debacle too. That’ll probably end up repealed at some point.


Soda tax is anti natural selection! Instead they should push for coke zero


How Big Tech Swallowed Seattle

Two tech titans made billions and remade the city. Is it any better off?


I don’t get it. Tax revenue is growing 5x faster than the population. Don’t blame corporations for city mismanagement of the budget.


Maybe we should incorporate cities…



An old girlfriend had a friend at the time living on Vashon Island. We crashed at his place for a weekend. Very cool…