Secret Life of Ikea Furniture

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Yes, that is why that desk is $150…

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Pretty impressive honestly.

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And doesn’t weigh a ton.

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Right. That honeycomb structure could be stronger than real wood. And lightweight. Impressive engineering.

That is how interior doors are made as well.

This fits the use and throw away culture in modern times. Would be a huge waste if you buy a solid wood furniture and then need to discard after 2 years.

I think we can buy a 3D printer and print our furniture every time we move, using the recycled material from the old furniture

No… it won’t ever be stronger, but it will have a better strength to weight ratio. Which is important when creating furniture that has to be transported a long way because you’re cutting costs.

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Yeah. I hate that culture. At least solid wood can be refinished and repurposed.

Frankly, most furniture can be handed down, but Ikea’s stuff just breaks. I’m lucky my pieces survived a move. They nearly didn’t survive the moving guy trying to take them apart. :frowning:

Just got back from Oakland and seeing how the mahogany bamboo floor is coming along. Well, my contractor was telling me, man, supplies are sooo expensive now. He bought a lot of plywood to serve as the subfloor and he said each piece now is like over 20 bucks when awhile ago it may have been half or less. Cost of remodeling def took a bump up from back in the day…

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Looks like the IKEA founder passed away today.

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Do we honor his death by eating Swedish meatballs?

And in other Ikea news:

For sure…RIP

I suspect he will be buried in a coffin that pays homage to IKEA, honeycombed paper held together by dowels…


Perhaps he can have a Hemnes Coffin instead. Real wood with a light lacquer

…and to think that less than three generations ago the sun never set on the British empire. Now they try to “punch above their weight.” Oh and…

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