See, People Love You When You Die


Sure, it is partly tradition/political correctness/etc that we see all this positive commenting regarding Bush Sr (RIP, Sir) now but I could have sworn he was fairly hated by the Left/Demos/Progressives/etc when he was in office and after.


Awesome letter, George…


RIP to a true statesman…


The progressives hate everyone.
Clinton and H.W. has a great relationship. If the progressives take over the Democratic Party it is doomed.


I wonder if they are going to invite the vulgar president?

He hates everyone, except Russians, and those gutless, ball-less vowing to him.

He has made this country a divided one. Nobody can ask a question, they are insulted, berated or diminished for being what they are, specially if they are not whites.


vice president?

vice = vulgar, right?


No. Have you heard that guy at all?

He is afraid of being alone with other women.

Mommy sends him to sleep without eating dinner if he does. :smiley: