Sell your rentals in 2019

Why You Should Sell Your Home in 2019 and park your cash with me.

“It doesn’t look like there’s anything on the horizon that’s going to cause a big spike in home prices or increase demand dramatically,” Ron says.

Real Estate Markets Cooling Across The Country, And It’s Not Just The Winter Effect

In addition, cities that experienced an extreme price run-up in a short span of time, like Seattle, San Jose and even Austin, Texas, will be more prone to a market correction, as opposed to some Southern cities such as Atlanta, Nashville and Orlando, which have appreciated at a more tempered pace.

While the higher-end of the market is noticeably softening, Yun says that as job creation adds a new pool of potential first-time buyers, there’s still strong demand for entry-level housing.

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Real Estate cooling is well known effect, but can not be sold/timed like stocks. Keep it forever, enjoy the yield.

Kudos to Austin properties and high yield like your AAPL dividend.

Now, I can confidently say that I can “Buy and Hold” in stocks, having able to see my portfolio dipped more than 150k during the last two months.

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The S&P is down 13%…so far this is just a minor correction. How would you feel if it dropped 500k/50% (e.g. 2009)? That’s the kind of drop that would test who has marbles…

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I need to face such pressure, then only, I can clearly vouch. This time with 13% drop or even if is another 7% drop, I will hold. The one 50% is scary, but I need to face it.

Lot of lessons I learnt this time.

Spread the risk
Have some cash sideline
Go for dividend stocks.
Do not use Margin ( I was forced to add money or sell stock when first dipped)

The more we involve, better we are !

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You ask 10 people here that question and 11 people will tell you to keep the 2009 house (the 11th person is a ghost).

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Keep it and buy more when you’re able.

50% is not good enough :smiling_imp:. I faced over 90% twice :pleading_face: for AAPL. Read the book, “Common stocks uncommon profits”. Forget about WB.

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Another corollary is sell while you can not when you have to.

Refer to above corollary.

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I am sure now I will face another 10%-15% dip from now. Holding all my stocks as such.

I am getting multiple alerts from various brokers that my stocks are dropping 5% today