Selling Home in Hayward, CA

Hello, I am a first-time, anxious home seller, so please bear with me. We just listed our home in the market last week (Memorial Day weekend), but we have received few interests (6 couples came on the 1st open house).

I’m worried it might take more than a month to sell our home (or even worse). The problem is, schools start in the 1st of week of August.

Do you have any recommendations on getting much exposure on the homes you are selling? Thanks in advance for all your feedback.

Yes, I understand the serious folks are out hunting but it was still a holiday weekend that marks the beginning of Summer for a lot of folks. Last year I saw a Sunset home near me and the broker has his only open house on some I forget holiday weekend and sure enough it didn’t sell as high as everyone had hoped. Broker blew it or should have had another open house the following weekend where a lot of people would have been back and would have saw it. I would think your open house attendance should be better this weekend. If not, and nothing comes of it, I suppose you have to look at the price that you listed it. I know we don’t like to hear that but there is nothing that kills a house from selling than a high listing price. Good luck!!!

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I think the (bad) timing is a big part of it. Just have plenty more open houses should generate more interests. Like @sfdragonboy said make sure price is reasonable or even a tad lower to generate maximum interests.

Thanks @sfdragonboy and @manch! Fingers crossed this weekend. I am hoping its not the exterior paint that is turning people off.

Whaaaat??? Ok, I want to see whatcha got. I mean, I would hate for some exterior paint to cost you some money. Staging, including painting, is sometimes necessary when possible…

Why don’t you post the listing here and we can give you our “professional” opinion or at least a honest first impression?

We actually hired a color consultant to help us figure out the exterior paint.

Here’s the listing:

Thanks in advance for all your feedback!

I like the exterior color. I don’t know much about Hayward so I can’t help beyond that though… Best of luck! I’m sure it will sell soon.

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Pretty nice house. Color is fine. I would suggest that you do a little bit of staging to brighten up the place. The place (inside) does not look very inviting to me as it is dark and all of the furniture is dark. Some color would help. Kitchen is dated so potential buyers will be thinking that needs updating and factoring that into the purchase price. So, what does a full kitchen remodel cost these days? After said and done, you are talking a house probably close to 900k. Granted the house is fairly large but are homes selling for that amount in the area? I am thinking probably not. I am thinking a listing price of 799k would elicit more interest and more people to come out and if the house is staged nicely would hopefully get some multiple overlist offers. Conduct 2 or more open houses and have your broker solicit opinions from people attending for pros/cons of home. Just my $0.02 from seeing many properties over the years. Good luck!!!

Color is fine and can always be changed. Honestly, it’s more tasteful than the houses on our street. 3 stories may be the turnoff for some people. Also, keep in mind that school is wrapping up for many of us, and we are focussing on summer. Some people will go on vacation next weekend too. So double whammy there.

I would definitely make sure that the agent does the regular weekday agent open houses and a second weekend open house open both Saturday and Sunday. Set a firm offer date and see what happens. If you don’t get any offers you like, I’d keep it on throughout the summer and see how the market goes.

I would not lower the price right now as that makes people wonder what you found in an inspection. I could see lowering it after 30 days or 45 days.

Also, agree with sfdragonboy… Needs some decoration! Make the bar area manly–bowl with a bag of chips in it, salsa, and a 6 pack of beer or soda and some mugs. Or since you have wine, put out wine glasses and an ice bucket and a cheese cutting board with knife, but no cheese, box of crackers.

In the kitchen, definitely needs a bowl of fruit and some fresh cut flowers. Put out a coffee mug tree with some mugs next to the coffee maker. Separate the toaster and the microwave to different counters. Put a jar of cooking utensils next to the stovetop.

Make sure that the dining room table is set for a nice dinner. Cloth napkins, nice centerpiece.

Bedroom with the brown bed: Change bedspread if you can to a brighter color, and put books on the shelf. Even if it’s just a couple of books piled sideways.

Sold two in SJ and Santa Clara. Both have a lot less offers and walked in traffic than sellers expected. If you are expecting lots of offers and fight all over it you need to keep the price below market price

Unfortunately, that was not the strategy sellers had in mind.

Sam Shueh Realtor
Realty One Group
Campbell, CA


I hasn’t sold because it is overpriced. …A four story house is a white elephant…It will need a significant discount compared to a typical two story…how many other 4 stories are on the market?

Thanks, @Terri! I greatly appreciate all your awesome feedback. We will definitely take them into action! We have some work cut out for us.

Thanks, @sfdragonboy and @manch! We will definitely re-evaluate the price to draw more interest. I greatly appreciate your feedback!

@SamShuehRealtor how long were those homes in the market before you sold them?

So, how did the open houses this weekend go (if you are willing to share)??? I would be interested in knowing what kind of feedback your broker received.

We were told that homes priced above $800k in Hayward take longer to sell… We should expect about 2 - 5 months in the market…

Ahh ok! So you’re not expecting it to go next week then. At least you have appropriate expectations.

I don’t know about Hayward in particular, but I’d say that you don’t want it sitting past August, or you’ll need to reduce price. People want to be settled as school starts, so you might consider a significant lowering of the price if you haven’t sold by July 25.

One month…time to drop the price. …Try $750k…But my guess is closer to $700k

Oh, did something happen or was there an update from the seller? Not seeing anything in this string.

Just a suggestion (if no movement on home at this point), but it worked for a buddy of mine who sold his Millbrae home awhile ago and it applies to this home in my opinion. What my buddy did was do a relatively inexpensive kitchen makeover (spent maybe $20-$30k) and it really helped and easily made back 2x or more on the final sale price. If your budget allows for it, I would redo the kitchen (it doesn’t cost that much these days) and if done right can really improve the home’s profile to potential buyers. In this price range, buyers shouldn’t expect high grade remodeling/appliances anyway.