Set the Selling Scene with Pop-Up Staging

One pop-up sets provider, Dandy Pack, purveys slip-covered cardboard furniture sturdy enough to withstand 1,000-plus pounds without collapsing. The company’s starter kit, which includes a full/queen bed, a sofa, an oversized chair and an ottoman, costs $1,031. The pieces, which ship in as few as two business days, can be assembled by the listing agent or the seller, further controlling costs.

inFormed Space, another pop-up staging vendor currently operating in New York City, supplies similar products made of plastic (assembled with hidden magnets), as well as set-up and break-down services. Two months of staging by the company starts at $1,899, and set-up can take just one afternoon.

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Again, buyers here are an astute bunch when it comes to evaluating furniture and fixtures and quite frankly cheap/plastic furniture is NOT going to help you sell a home around here. You mind as well just show the place completely empty. We have seen recent examples of really good professional staging that more than likely helped the seller in garnering that great overbid sold price. Don’t go cheap at this point of the game. It is just not worth it.

Staging dollars return at least 2 to 1…No need to skimp…Plenty of stagers get a competitive bid and watch out for the monthly charge…For $1899 you can a traditional stager or for even much less…Only need to stage the master and common areas…

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The smaller the space the less staging needed…Sometimes staging can make a space look smaller…

Tricks…use lots of mirrors, glass tables and no dining chairs…small beds no kings…Plants help…good to have lots of little accents…Use lots of color. .This link shows all grey and white…looks like a jail cell

That is the worst looking staging ever. On this one I agree with elt1–sell the house with staging.

Two things I found in searching:

  1. The staging always made me feel better about the house to the point where I realized that maybe all you need to be happy with your house is replacing your own furniture.
  2. When people have accumulated a lot of crap and it’s clogging the garage, and closets, and nooks and crannies, it makes people feel exhausted at the idea of moving.

Minimum is to switch on all the lights, remove all the curtains and clean the whole house.

Is there a cut off market level for this?

Staging an executive home in Orinda or Walnut Creek.? O.K.

A pedestrian, 1950’s tract house in a mixed neighborhood in Pittsburg? I highly doubt it will influence the sale enough to justify the expense.

I remember touring the model homes in new tracts as a kid with my father, something he loved to do. They were using 3/4 scaled furniture to make the rooms seem more spacious. Particularly the bedrooms. They also took off all of the doors and put them in the garage.

But, it was easy to spot and counteract in one’s mind. :yum:

Staging works and is cost effective. … it all about presenting your product in the best light…I have sold houses for 5% more than before staging…And to professional buyers, that turned them into rentals… Sales is about appealing to emotions…the cheaper the cost the less you allocate to staging…but it works…Landscaping is cost effective also…
At the super low end like Stockton I get offers well above appraisal. …which is counter productive on an FHA offer…so we do not stage there…

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Ah, this trick also.