SF duplexes

So, i dont really know the SF market (am a south bay person). but the below 2 duplexes seem to be a good deal (in this market). someone with more local knowledge want to share some info on pros/cons?

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rent control?

Personally, I don’t like this general area due to the mixing of commercial with residential. Let’s be honest, there is a fair amount of homeless folks lingering around these areas at night (since businesses close down) and I don’t know if that will ever change frankly. I would think both are under rent control since built in the early 1900s and either one is not a SFH.

Just my opinion, but you guys are looking at the wrong kind of multi units. Duplexes are too small and too expensive. I would go larger (maximum say 4 units) and outside the city where pricing will be lower yes but of course rents will be too but because of the number of units you have a better chance of cash flowing better.

Just my $.02…

Buy a townhouse there instead. Cashflow neutral and no rent control.

Perhaps you mean this?


20 unit in inner Richmond, 5.2M. :smile:

12 unit actually…reference was to 20 beds. Too big and too many protected tenants.

Why is it too big? On-site manager is not required for up to 15 units. (And they want to remove ven that requirement for over 15 units, due to modern-age communication technology.)

For you, yes, no problem. But keep in mind that many of the posters here are SFH or condo owners. To jump to 12 units from practically nothing might be a tad much for hands on management (non management company).

interesting. in SJ there is no rent control on duplexes (tho’ they added just cause eviction for even SFR with the recent adjustments :pensive: )

The Costa Hawkings Act allows local just cause eviction laws on everything. Yeah, I was pretty bumped about SJ’s JCE laws. That makes me even more weary about buying multi-fam in prime Bay Area, even if the specific towns don’t have any rent control laws yet. Local conditions can change all of a sudden.

Condos, townhouses and SFH’s are covered in Costa Hawkings. But there is no telling how long that would last.

Now this looks interesting. 6-Unit in prime Mission District asking 3.25M.


$200K price reduction * * * * Unique opportunity to own an updated 6 unit building (6 x 2bd/1BA) on one of the best blocks in the Inner Mission. Property is located next door to Philz Coffee, 2 blocks from 24th ST Bart station, one block from multiple tech shuttles and a bustling area of shops and restaurants. Extremely low maintenance building that has been recently updated; all of the units have been remodeled within the last 8 years with recently painted exterior and interior. 2 of the units will be delivered vacant. First floor is being used as storage by the owner per architect there is potential to add two more units on the ground level. Projected GRM 14.62 with rented 2 vacant units. Great upside potential/investment opportunity.

They claim 6.2 cap with a lot of upside. Anybody wants to swing it?

Calling Dr Dao…Dr Dao, you’re wanted in the Fab 7x7 (where you can find plenty of drugs and gay sex…everywhere!!!)

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It was sold for 715k in 2004. 400% appreciation in 13 years, very impressive. Beats sp500