SF experts, How much you will offer for this?


You all know, I am not expert in SF area, just trying to see how much worth/value for this.


With fully remodeled and larger homes going in the area for 1M or more, I am going to guess $700-$750K.


700-750k after or before renovation?


Of course before. One probably needs to throw down say 100-200K for remodeling within the existing scope or more if expansion/addition. Problem is no pictures, but we are assuming full gut remodel needed.


So this area is now more expensive than Bayview. Used to be about the same. Bayview has been stagnating for the last few years when the west is going through the roof.

Families prefer fog/safety over sun/crime


Well, both areas are def on the radar of many folks due to lower price point. Excelsior is def at this point safer but who knows what is going to happen say 5 years down the road once more development happens in or around Bayview. Like the recent article I posted, there are none or soon to be no more sub 1M neighborhoods in the Fab 7x7.


Bayview is the absolute rock bottom pricing in all of SF. Nothing goes below Bayview. So that means Excelsior, Visitacion, and Crocker Amazon (how come people never talk about this place here???) all more desirable than Bayview.