SF Hairdresser Commutes from Arizona

As if there aren’t other towns in the Bay Area? CC County is still pretty affordable.

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We had a manager once at Garden City that lived in Reno. He flew in on Monday morning and back home Friday night. He stay with his parents during the week and went home to his wife and kids on the weekend.

I think that’s just the wrong way to optimize things. Housing price is high in the Bay, there’s no denying that. But people are just wed to the idea that they must raise a family in a SFH with a huge backyard. I grew up in small 450ft condo in Hong Kong in a family of 5 and I think I turned out OK.

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Sure? Don’t use this kind of logic. To some people, it confirmed their belief :joy:


I will buy 10k acres in lake county, build 10k acreage houses and build a small commute airline. Will it be a profitable venture?

How much should I charge for each acreage home? How much should I charge for a daily round trip flight to SFO? Should I target CEOs, VPs or policemen and his hairdresser wife?

People in Hawaii fly to work every day.

Says the guy who needs $5M for each household member.

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450ft is big now days


And no diamond-shaped living rooms either. Very spacious by today’s standard.

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SF will only be for the wealthy

No, many low income and moderate income people in SF. Low to moderate income people are the super majority. Lost people have rent control

Ha ha, are you sure or have you asked your wife :grimacing:.
I happened to say the same exact phase to my wife this morning and she disagreed. Probably because the flat I grew up in Hong Kong is smaller than yours :crazy_face:.

Back in the 90’s I worked in Menlo Park with a women who lived in Cathedral City, a roughly 11 hour commute each way. She stayed at a campground Monday through Thursday and drove home to spend the weekend with her family on Friday. I saw the house; it was very nice. Spent a weekend down there chasing around the Chuckwalla Mountains and saw Civil War re-enacters at Fort Tejon on the way home. The woman was a bit nutso though. Ultimately quit her job to do Amway full time and actually made good money at it. It takes a certain slightly unstable individual to make Amway work.

Pro tip: ask your wife only after you finish washing all the dishes. :smile:

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this is dumb - she can cut hair anywhere and sounds like she only flies out for a few days of work…why even bother

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Yeah I also think it’s a dumb move. That reminds me of all those stats about how most people don’t know anything about personal finance and how they struggle to come up with $400 of emergency fund. We need to teach people basic finances. It’s arguably the most important subject.

She needs to be with her police husband to safeguard her marriage?

How much does a hairdresser make in SF? She might make 3X in SF than AZ.

I suspect that her husband will try to become a policeman in SF and then transfer to AZ

I think most 1st gen asian immigrants are like this. After buying a sfh, we realized that both me and my wife, plus the parents on both sides have never lived in a SFH - we’re 2nd gen city people! We realized this when we were fixing up the house and had no one to ask questions about. :sob:

Are you washing your cars yourself now on your driveway? Can’t do that in a condo.