SF HOA Property Management Company recommendations?

Hi. My building’s condo management company is leaving (illness, long hospital stay and recovery, I understand). We are very sorry for a number of reasons to see a good and capable person retire, not least because we are so far unable to find a good company to take on the responsibility for managing a small (under 15-unit) building with mixed owner and renter occupancy. Does anyone know of such a unicorn company? Thank you in advance.

It seems to be a problem everywhere. Nobody wants to work in property management… thankless low paying job.

15 unit? PM can’t earn much. Need 50-100 doors.

I been doing property management forever. My rental condo in Tahoe has a management company out of Incline. They are doing a terrible job. No communication can’t find vendors. Don’t do billing don’t pay the venders. Trying to get the HOA to fire them. Their fee is $60k per year… I could do the job… don’t need the hassle or the job. 33 units of vacation units. Most owners never here or are landlords like me.

These people were recommended by a fellow landlord

Hi Zaphod! I work as Property Manager, could you contact me for private?


Thank you all for the input. If the problem is endemic to small hoas, I feel a little less like a leper.

Thank you! I’m going to contact them immediately