Sf homeless industrial complex

Where’s the homeless complex? I’d like to go there and stay for a couple days to get even with the tax money I have contributed to building that thing…

The political left uses the homeless problem as a hammer against hard working taxpayers. .It is disgusting. .Why are San Francisco taxpayers so gullible to fall for this con…Give the homeless a one way ticket to Fresno…In fact they could pay Fresno a fee ofsay $10k/year per homeless person instead of the $40k now spent and be way ahead. …I know Fresno could use the money and has very mild weather…could set up a permanent tent city and spent most of the funds on needed city services. .

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“Even just using the budgeted figure of $245.9 million, the OHSH says in its “Performance Measures” that in 2015-16 it provided 285 families with a rental subsidy. 648 families kept housing through a one-time grant; 566 adults left homelessness do to placement in permanent supportive housing; 880 people were given bus tickets to be sent back to a willing family member in another city or state; and 790 people maintained housing due to a one-time grant. This means by their own measure the OHSH served 3,169 clients, made up of families or individuals. If the OHSH serves the same amount of clients, the office will spend $77,595 per client served.”

That sums up the problem. Clearly, most of the money is going to administrative salaries not helping the homeless.


That’s because most of liberal ideology is built on nothing but hatred. Hatred towards working class, hatred towards successful, hatred towards themselves. They are not interested in well being of homeless, they simply hate the “punks who are good for nothing and have jacked up the prices”.