SF no longer teaching algebra in middle schools



Maybe owner move in eviction? No other reason would make sense :joy:


Uh, I am def the last person to ask about any Chinese immersion program in the Fab 7x7. All I know is, I remember that fateful day when I told my mom that I wanted to focus on English school, not Chinese school (after English school everyday). She was cool with it. Do I regret it? Not much. I can speak and understand toisonese/cantonese brokenly which works sort of. My better half can break out the big guns (cantonese, mandarin, chiu chow and fukien) if we need them.


Chinese school on the weekends sucks. It doesn’t work at all. Immersion schools are like Jane’s school. They blend two languages in class. I am thinking after elementary school I am outta here… SF middle schools suck it seems. Now I recall some Chinese parents complaining about how schools teach sex ed but not math… C’mon, who needs to be taught about sex?!!

Math is hard, sex is easy. Maybe too easy.


Kids should take math classes by ability, not age. 9th grade is way to late for Algebra I for some kids. Mine took Algebra I in 6th grade and did great. He’d been majorly bored up until that point.

I know a kid who took Calculus BC as a 5th grader… Some kids pick up math concepts faster than others. Just saying.


You are clearly not a mathematically inclined kind of guy.


Do not go to Millbrae thinking its schools are that good and the city’s are crap. I know of too many kids recently who have done just as well, if not better, than kids out of Millbrae and out of the Southland.


I’m very mathematically inclined. I’ve always been the best in all my math classes in high school, as well as getting A+'s in my calculus and linear algebra courses at UC Berkeley. That’s why I have the aptitude and the reasoning to dissect what is the best course of action for young people when it comes to math. All they need to do is to follow my footsteps :wink:


A+ is not good enough for me. 100% or I look for holes to hide. Maths in USA is child play.

Geometry is already too easy for high school, why do you think Algebra 1 should be taught in high school?
However, I also believe is going deeper in the subject rather than rushing it. I let my son enjoy getting 100% in all his maths class rather than merely getting A for all the four years.


Yes, it’s always good to go deeper and have a better breadth than rushing it. For example, @manch took calculus at 10th grade, but he couldn’t remember trig or geometry. So obviously his curriculum opted for speed and cut a lot of corners. It’s always good to take it slower and build a solid foundation in all mathematical disciplines…

Also, A+ is a good as it gets. You can’t get a better grade than A+ :slight_smile:


You don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s a good thing you’re not parenting my kids.


My high school experience is in Hong Kong. I don’t really know how they do it here. But looking at PITA scores it can’t be that great. What do they teach in geometry class here in US? Back in HK we used to do proper proofs. Some of them are quite tricky. Trigonometry is boring as hell. Do students here learn how do decompose sin(A+B) etc?


America’s education system absolutely crushed Hong Kong and China hands down. Tons of Chinese people send their kids to America for education. I see minimal flow in the other direction…


Good point…follow the money and passports I guess


This was my schedule in Texas
7th - Algebra
8th - Geometry
9th - Algebra II/Trig
10th - Pre-Calc
11th - Calc I
12th - Calc II

I also disagree with this - it’s a serious issue for students who want to go into engineering to not have that baseline of math prior to college if you aren’t starting Algebra until HS and not even getting to Calc


College is the right time to specialize. High schools should be a time for people to explore their various interests and potentials. That’s why a generalized education is good enough. Why should someone study Calculus in 10th grade if he is to become a lawyer eventually? For those people who have already made up their mind very early, they can learn a thing or two from Bill Gates: just skip the education system altogether and kick start your company right away.


That’s very true. I went to a private engineering school. The lowest math offered was pre-calc (very limited class size) and most of those kids never made it to graduation. Granted, they had us all stand up the first day and said look at the person on your left, look at the person on your right, only 1 of you 3 will graduate from this school. You can sit down now.

Realistically, if you couldn’t start in calc then you had almost no chance of making it. You’d have to take all your fluff classes early, since Calc II was a pre-req for sophomore year. Then your junior year would be brutal.




Wow, impressive! Where did you go (name)?


High school? I thought most Chinese sent their kids to American colleges to learn the leading edge technology from the top professors here. Remember Americans tend to have 1 genius and many averages. Asians tend to have most of them above average. Also Chinese tend to focus on application and implementation of technology so not many R&D professionals that are doing pure research. Until Chinese put more emphasis on basic research, USA is the better place to go for college.


Kettering University. It was GMI when I started, so I received 2 diplomas. They really need to branch out beyond specializing in the auto industry. The school has state-of-the-art labs for automotive related technology. The best part was you work 3 months and go to school 3 months. It’s a 5-year program with a thesis project you do for your employer. I did powertrain selection for a Ford EV project. I worked for the company that was designing and building it for them. EV tech isn’t new at all. People just lost interest when gas got cheap. Working is a big advantage, since you can get into top-25 MBA programs faster than applicants from other schools.