SF no longer teaching algebra in middle schools



I started seeing Chinese parents sending their kids here for high school. I think they do that to give their kids an extra boost ahead of the curve. I see Chinese people buying up properties here in Contra Costa county for their kids to come over and study in high school… Orinda and Lafayette has the best high school district in the nation.


Very impressive.

The rest two thirds should have come to California public schools instead: we cannot make you smarter or more knowledgable, but we can always lower the standard. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-cal-state-remedial-requirements-20170803-story.html


Actually you’re right. I forgot that my very successful classmate from Lowell who is killing it in HK did send his young daughter out here alone to some Stanford summer session. Crazy…


How is he killing it in HK and would you mind sharing his net worth stats…? :money_mouth_face:


Dude is a top investment bank analyst who has been interviewed on the various finance type shows numerous of times. Has branched out doing real estate deals as his weekend hobby. He has not sent me a copy of his bank statements…


Why don’t you invite him to our meetup… let’s do some social climbing… :rofl:


Well, he does come back to visit his folks now and then but would you rather be making gobs and gobs of money in fantasy land or chit chat over possibly Dave and Buster best attempt at food?


Don’t sell yourself short! We are just as important if not more than any other party out there. I don’t care if he has to cancel his luncheon with Jack Ma in order to meet us!


Hard to take a gathering at Dave & Buster’s seriously, however you want to slice it…


That’s why we need to upgrade our venue to the very very best there is… the French Laundry :heart_eyes:


Assuming that we even managed to somehow swing a dinner reservation at a decent hour in the soon to be coming month of December for say 20 folks, not sure the folks sitting next to us at the French Laundry will appreciate the noise coming from our white elephant game… wow, Thomas Keller might charge us double or ban us forever!!!




Private science/engineering school here too, and you were expected to have come in taking Calculus. They still offered it for those who hadn’t taken the BC exam and gotten a 4/5. There were no lower math classes offered at all.


My Geometry class was where we learned proofs. But I was at a private school and that was 30 years ago, not a public school in CA right now.

I also did Calculus in 10th grade, but I was only one of two kids to do so in my grade (out of 105 in my class). We also had a guy who did Calculus in 9th grade, but his dad was a math professor at the local university. I figured he had an edge :slight_smile:


High school is a bit too late. They should have sent their kids here prior to middle school. By the time they reach high school age their mind set is already stuck in their motherland so it’s useless.


Why? They were never Americans to begin with. China is their motherland not America. They only come here to splurge. Their base will always be in China.


As more parents realize SF’s algebra fiasco Sunset price will fall. Who wants to spend 2M on a house where their kids will get a 2nd rate math education?


Uh, there is a thing called private school…


So spend 2M on a Sunset house, and on top of that send 2+ kids to privates? At least with Cupertino you spent the 2M on the house and you are done.


The Fab 7x7 is becoming only for the rich and richer…

That kind of thinking started the exodus to the South Bay years ago remember?