SF no longer teaching algebra in middle schools

Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese share a more common ancestor as well as culture than Filipinos.

Or you have an exceptional talent and an unstoppable drive to hone it. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t even have a GED :grin:

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No need to be exceptional. You can just lead a normal life and still be happy and satisfied :slight_smile:

Students don’t need math anymore, but they learn how to recognize white, male privilege.

The issue with embracing the nut jobs is they eventually turn on you. I guess Bernie should have not worn a jacket and froze? Wait, shouldn’t it be warm at inauguration with all the global warming. I mean climate change. Wait, it’s climate risk. No, it’s environmental injustice. That’s the term this week.

The schools suck, so now they’re focusing on renaming anything that’s a symbol of racism and white supremacy. I guess that will distract from the awful test scores.


Probably he made more charity than her with the same dress, the teacher accuses him of

Ha! Even Bernie isn’t safe from the unhinged rioting woke-mob. :smiley:

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The Asian parents are hopping mad about this and are finally making our voices heard.

Need to vote out the bums.

Algebra is considered racist. Time to pick sides

Algebra is racist. Calling yourself a male is sexist. Asking 8-year old kids to write stories about sexual fantasy is education. Parents not encouraging 10-year olds sexual transition surgeries is considered “childist”.

Left has successfully collapsed the entire human experience into two things: race and sex. They don’t have anything else to discuss.

It’s not just USA, other countries are also adopting this cancerous ideology. I am genuinely pessimistic that it can be corrected and the civilization may just collapse in a few decades.



USA influence on other nations is fairly strong. Whatever happen in USA, almost certainly would happen in other nations within a few years.

I won’t be surprised. Anyhoo, I probably won’t be around to see that happen.

Oh, sheet, I better hurry up then and enjoy my retirement in Penang, sipping fruity drinks while enjoying a view like this for less than $750 A MONTH!!!

SFUSD battle over algebra wraps up with new math plan on horizon


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So California ruined a whole generation of kids’ math education because of some foreign scam artist on the run, and a Stanford professor who faked her research and sent her kids to a private school anyway with proper math instruction?



People made fun of San Francisco. But SF is actually recovering from all these anti-math silliness. Algebra is coming back to middle schools next year. Lowell reverted back to merit based admission last year.

But sadly these BS is spreading to other cities.

If a kid got lost in a gifted program, they are not gifted kids. There are plenty of other less intense options available.

Versus killing the gifted program where that’s the only public option for kids who learn faster.