SF State Faculty, Retired Profs To Be Evicted

Should the university provide the retired professor with lifetime housing?

Should the university be penalized for providing employee housing? Why should the university become a housing provider to employees because of rent control regulation?

Rent control has made it hard for university to hire employees due to limited rental availability. It’s sad that this employee had a high expectation for lifetime housing for her 4 year employment.

"Johnson, 68, has lived in her one-bedroom apartment near San Francisco State’s campus for four years, but she might lose it soon. After her retirement last year as director of the Early Childhood Education Center at San Francisco State University, where she worked for 26 years, she is facing eviction from the university’s employee housing. The notice came in the mail four months after she retired: She had to move in 60 days.

She says she is shocked.

“Employment was never mentioned as a condition of my rental agreement,” Johnson said. Through the housing office, she was able to work out an extension for 10 months, but her time is up in May."

If her son is living here, why not move in with her son? Also, she helped raised $7M for the university but couldn’t use some of that as downpayment for a home years ago?

I think the professor is either lying or naive. IMHO, is a given that once you’re not working for the University, you’re obliged to leave the subsidized housing. It has nothing to do with rent-controlled or students need more housing.

Government is exempt from rent control. SFSU is a public school so its property is exempt from rent control.

Is private university exempt from rent control? Can we form a private online university and give lectures on this forum? That way, we can buy multi family houses as a group and then we don’t need to worry about rent control :rofl:

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You have planted the seed for members of this forum to form a co-operative :rofl: sometime in the future.