SF to explore taxing property owners who keep buildings, units vacant


City officials have started to more seriously discuss imposing a tax on vacancies.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin requested the City Attorney’s Office on Tuesday “to explore legislation that would allow the city and county San Francisco to impose a vacancy tax on property owners to help mitigate the impacts of the widespread practice of warehousing valuable residential and commercial units.”

He said, “I continue to receive emails and requests from constituents to address the overwhelming number of vacancies both commercial and residential that continue to contribute to our housing crisis as well as the displacement and struggles of our small businesses.”

Step 1: Make the rent control laws so bad that people don’t want to rent out their houses.

Step 2: Force people to rent them out.

Step 3: Just outright confiscate their properties?

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Property rights? What are those?

San Francisco is a lost cause for property rights…stolen in 1979 by Diane Feinstein…She should be indicted as a war criminal. .Instead is senator for life

Feinstein will be gone, she’s not young.

But the rent control has a longer life than her. Maybe rent control will make Manch a new republican?

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Chances are, this would be shot down in a court of law…hopefully

I am already a little bit right leaning. Hillary and Bill Clinton are mostly business friendly unlike Bernie, and I don’t have a problem voting for someone like Reagan. For me to be a republican first the GOP needs to be less nutty. Now it looks like a bunch of anti-intellectual know-nothings.


Uh, a little too much information…:grinning:

It’s your job to change your party and to change your city. Your city is ruled by Dems 90-10.

Focus on your city and change your city. Washington is too far from you. Neither Feinstein nor Trump is within your reach, SF mayor and bod is within your influence zone.

Dem does not have to be leftist and SF does not have to have rent control

Cmon. Hillary was the best Republican candidate in last year’s election. Don’t you think?

You know, I go with the best, qualified candidate every time. I could care less if he/she is green in skin color. While we are still bickering about the Russians, this country is miraculously still ok and managing on auto-pilot. Can we just get the freaking 4 years over with???

At least rent control was not Trump’s fault

Why don’t you start doing what you propose and get it done with?

Wait, is that in the Politicians’ Handbook???

There are some counties where you as a foreign national can’t buy a property.

This is one of the topics that makes me itch for a conversation. I read some posters wanting a hard hand on immigration, and they may be people who have more rights to live in this country that those just harvesting their $ from corrupt governments and parking their money in mother United States of Amerirusia. :star_struck:

Yes, do as I say, not as I do. :rofl: