SFH in Pittsburg/ Concord CA

Hi, I would like to know is it good idea to buy SFH at San Marco/ Pittsburg right now with around 650-700k budget? (couple no kids yet/ company recently implemented permanent WFH) Thanks!

Pittsburg used to be controlled by a few families. Things have changed. Brentwood is more desirable.


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thank you, but Brentwood is too far from sf city. I am looking to travel to city for weekend to explore restaurants or any activities. Is there anything near by Brentwood to explore in weekend similar to city or like at least San Jose, Walnut Creek downtown?

Discovery Bay is an option. If you have waterfront house and a boat you can explore the whole Delta 160 marinas, 1000 miles of water ways. 2500 square miles of warm water. Good for 6 months a year for water sports like waterskiing. Good year round for boating with access to the SF bay. Bethel island has new waterfront houses for sale.


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