Shay Boloor

Shay Bolero wants to grow his $100k growth portfolio into a million$ worth. Since most of you are already millionaires, can read for fun.

Disclosure: I own CRWD, SNOW, U, PLTR, NET, TSLA.

If the economy remains on an even footing and unemployment remains low what is the reason for the Fed to ease?
If things get dicey there’s no appetite for another round of QE and it’s questionable if the government could finance another “American Rescue Act.” We need to have some other ammo if things go south.
Like interest rate cuts.
So why cut them now?

Disclosure: own none of the 10.

Disclosure: Own PLTR, SNOW, CRWD and U.

Observation: Portfolio of many Xers comprise mainly data stocks and fintech stocks.

Target ytd return of 15%? Disappointed. Might as well all-in to any one of the magnificent 7.

Wrote a short bullish thesis for each stock he has selected.

Disclosure: Own 4 of the above. No MDB.

Not an endorsement for below stocks. Not a financial advice. Just sharing a Xer’s one-sentence description of a company business.

Indicates he is a newbie. At one time is B2B then B2C, now B2B again. There is no permanent approach. Market is ever changing. Recency biased is not a good approach.

Good. Need a sharp mind to identify this type of exceptional change in fundamentals at the point of change. A dull mind would view them as just another lackluster change.

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