Shoot, I'll Take Lower Property Tax Bills!

(Bay Area homeowners set to get property tax cut. What to know)

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Has anyone done a formal appeal of their property taxes in California?

Did you use a CPA/service to do this?

I did it many moons ago with the Oakland 4-plex when prices went down some. Yeah, it worked. You just need to provide comps or examples to support your case. I don’t know the procedures now though, but a cpa would not exactly be helpful really. An appraiser or appraisal done would certainly be more helpful.

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The lady at the Assessor office did recommend I try to do an “informal” review (essentially writing a letter, providing comps etc, and/or appraisal).

I said CPA since I googled it and found one that is CPA and does appeal.

Also found these 2:

I’ll try the informal review first and see what happens. The assessed value is less than a million but it’s burnt down PoS. Come on cut me some slack :upside_down_face: