Should Apple Buy Netflix?

Appl should buy Tesla

They won’t. Tim Cook ordered a rewrite of the first Apple TV show, because it wasn’t family friendly enough and had profanity. Netflix is popular because it’s willing to live on that edge. If they make all those shows family friendly the way Cook wants Apple TV to be, then it’d kill Netflix.

Come on, Disney bought Marvel. I don’t believe Disney expects Marvel to change and be family oriented right? Everyone loves the color green…

Profanity? Like saying “you son of a b…ch…to football players?”

Darn snowflakes :star_struck::sweat_smile:

Highly unlikely. That is not the core business a pc/phone mfg will get involved. Just focus on one business not like Amzn never made any profit leaving a trail of smoke and mess. I know a few Amzn employees they hate their employer.

In any acquisition, cultural fit is more important than anything else. Doubt NFLX culture fit into Apple.

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