Should Have Looked At This Instead Of Tech Stocks

Impressive…didn’t know there was money in college pizza…

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I read this story, but it is junk story.

I compared 10 years of AAPL vs DPZ, then AMZN vs DPZ, both cases DPZ lost way down !

This is completely a BS someone created. Morningstar provides comparison with dividend reinvested model. Here you go.

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@jil What’s the website / software you use above?

This one is old version of morningstar (not beta version).

then there is a compare button.


You should respond to the writer with your analysis!!!

Of course Amazon outpaced Dominos pizza. They’ll be delivering it soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would rather rely on the companies at the end of the line, the delivery service ones. Uber, Lyft, USPS are fighting for the delivering service. Even the USPS is used by Amazon to deliver their packages.

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The writer knows, he would have been paid by DPZ or someone vested interest with it ! This is the way analysts work !

Remember Trump says Media is skewed !

Seth Klarmann says in his margin of safety