Should I Start A New Leaning Tower Thread?

Dang, @Elt1, how come these guys can’t build anything right these days???

Premature is never a good thing :slight_smile:

That’s what she said…


Thanks for the info! I don’t have a dog in the fight, but do work nearby to the MT and always look at it gingerly every time I go out for lunch and see just how massive of a structure it really is. 58 floors is no joke. As a property owner, I just don’t want to find out that somehow, some way I will be contributing to paying one cent of the repairs due to negligence or some mishap by the City.

Regarding that Las Vegas property, you know who paid for it… We all did, at the tables!!!

So, shall we stay away from SF?

You know, these towers may be falling from the sky…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Stay away from condos and highrises

It’s been quite of shaking these last days. That tower? Gee! I am scared to sleep inside my house, none the less on a 5th floor or above the second one.