Should Oakland demolish I-980?

In a report, the group described I-980 a “freeway to nowhere.”

Oakland Mayor Schaaf is no fan of the freeway.

“980 was built as an entry to a second Bay Bridge that never got built,” she said. “And it’s created a moat (or) a division.”

A local group called ConnectOakland has been advocating for the freeways removal for several years.

Tear it down! And watch my house in West Oakland double (again) in value!

BWAHAHAHAHA :smiling_imp:

Unfortunately, it will not happen in our lifetime (unless something like an earthquake happens). Oakland is so poor and inept that it would take literally a miracle for something of this scale to come through.

Thanks Debbie Downer! :confused:

Sorry, it was reported on the news last night. Come on, it’s Oakland. Anything that expensive to do is simply not going to happen. The city has enough problems to deal with. Anything tech wrong with the freeway? No. Then we move on…

Well, it made a list (if that means anything). Maybe one day, @manch

Does that highway lead you to the famous bridge to nowhere?

What are the priorities on the national level? Is this something the country or state needs to demolish or revamp? Do we have money for that?

980 is very useful…I don’t even know why it’s even in the discussion… It’s connects 880 to 580, 24… Most of 980 is below city streets so it’s not an elevated eyesore…