Should We Tax Empty Storefronts?

Not sure how I feel about this. Obviously as a building owner, I would hate to be additionally burdened with some tax when it really isn’t my fault (the vacancy). I mean, Bezos when he is not Fing around with fake women has taken over the shopping world/process. If anything, I think the City should change the rules and allow me (if I were an owner of a storefront) to perhaps convert it to residential homes. Come on, it really is the next step for these empty storefronts, no?

Oh the irony of people being sick of empty storefronts when the reason they are empty is people weren’t shopping at the stores. Anyone who supports this should be required to spend a certain amount per month at the local stores.

They will tax you $250 per day for each empty residential unit as well. If you leave your empty empty and live in Malaysia for 5 years, your house equity would become zero after all the vacancy tax of $250 per day.


Their should be a $250 per day fine on the BOS for being assholes…permits and city regs are the bjggest cause of empty storefronts


No, that is ridiculous. If I leave the country periodically, the utilities service are still on (so not vacant per se). Who doesn’t take long vacations? They won’t be able to police residential homes as easily as a storefront. Ok, you want us to keep residential places occupied then don’t put limits on Airbnb then.


What about all their rules and fees that make it hard to operate a small business? Idiots. It always someone else’s fault and a new tax is always the solution.

“It’s designed to be a behavior changer, not a money generator,” Peskin said. “I’m watching a resurgence in the district that I represent. A lot of it is because of property owners’ reduced expectations.”

Novel way of Forcing the landlords to lower rents. Social Engineering and mind control and economic controls - all in one?

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