Silicon is the New Oil

Blogosphere is full of investors chanting, “NVDA would be worth more than AAPL by 2030”. This type of chanting is keeping NVDA mooning… have to wait a long time for a BTFD moment to add…

Next target over $300 :money_mouth_face:

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Hodl :money_mouth_face:

Problem with Nvidia holding the chokehold on everybody is that people are very motivated to develop alternatives. Microsoft just announced last week they are doing in house AI chip development. Amazon already has some for inference. Of course Google has its tensor stuff.

But Nvidia still has a lot of advantage because of the CUDA software stack. It’s not just the silicon. So I am still bullish on Nvidia even though everyone is trying to eat their lunch.

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Very few companies have the resources to make specific purpose chips. Neither do they have the scale that requires such chips.

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Aug 27, 2021, almost 2 years ago…

Market Cap
AAPL $2.71T
NVDA $748B

A trader selling NVDA because of valuation :wink:
His track record (correct 3 days ago)… 21%-23% ytd gain… less than QQQ 31% and AAPL 35%.

The Chinese can’t even copy. They just erased the markings on Intel chips and put their own badge on.