Silicon is the New Oil

You trust WB but not CM, right?

This is most likely WB’s two young lieutenants. CM is just too old and cynical.


Joe doesn’t like your NVDA. Excessive SBC. Share price can’t go up.

Moving 5 years.
AAPL vs leading chip stocks. Going forward, can AEHR and AMD maintain its outperformance?

Bought 500 :slight_smile:
AI, Auto, metaverse, Datacenter, ofc crypto :slight_smile: and gaming

Need to follow her into NVDA? Isn’t that obvious?

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Perspective matters…

I am a genius… bot 500 shares… NVDA doubles from bottom on Oct 12, 2022.
Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12.46.25 AM

I am a LT buy n hold (hopefully forever) investor… YOLO… to the moon… ST performance is irrelevant.

Technically ST oversold…

When will we forget about the household name INTC just as we forget about Kodak?

NVDA is benefiting from AI, crypto, …

Since S&P bottom on Oct 12, 2022. Semis have been leading the broad market. There are three distinct groups:

Leaders: NVDA :+1: AEHR outperforming even the triple semi ETF SOXL
Laggers: MU QCOM

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My 2 cents, SOXL is completely tradable ETFs, should not be compared to buy & hold kind with NVDA or AEHR.

Now, Semi’s are up already, not worth buying.

The best now is bank stocks (My guess). You may not believe now (as lot of scary stories are going around banks).

Let us monitor next 45 days SMH vs KRE and also QQQ vs XLF

Same way QQQ vs XLF