Silicon Valley hires the most alumni of these 10 universities

Kinda old data but I don’t think the list changed all that much.

1 University of California, Berkeley
2 Stanford University
3 Carnegie Mellon University
4 University of Southern California
5 The University of Texas at Austin
6 Georgia Institute of Technology
7 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
8 San Jose State University
9 University of California, San Diego
10 Arizona State University

Can you normalize with the student population in the relevant majors.

Need UCLA grads to do that kind of high quality research…


Why is UCLA not on the list?
I heard that UCLA CS admission rate is single digit % for in-state candidates in recent years.
If USC,UCSD and SJSU are on the top 10 list, I guess UCLA should be there too.

12, not in top 10.
The list rank by absolute number so the colleges with larger student population are likely to rank higher.
The list would be different normalized by student population.

UCLA has the largest student population among the UCs, unless most of them are liberal arts majors staying down in SoCal.

CMU is a pretty small school and yet it’s No.3. I guess students got brutalized by Pittsburg winters and can’t wait to come here for the sun.

Have always thought Ivy League trains politicians and non-tech managers.
The top 3 in the list is well known for CS majors.

Tech firms hire for all kinds of majors. Is UCLA smaller in CS and engineering than USC and UCSD?

None of the Ivy League sent many students to Silicon Valley, but Wall Street fund managers are mainly from Ivy’s. It just proves that Wall Street is more monied that Silicon Valley.

One obvious thing is that Silicon Valley hires heavily from local schools and in-state schools. If you want to work for Wall Street, better to Ivy’s or NYC schools. If you want to work for tech firms, better go to schools in Bay Area. To be honest, tech firms are not selective and a mediocre person can easily go work a high income tech job. Wall Street is highly selective, you need to be good.

Ivy’s are bad schools that waste too much social resource and produce a small number of useless people. We need to implement a socialism in terms of per student funding for all schools. Also we need to have Wall Street to hire from all schools equally. Janitor union also need to have equal number of graduates from each school :rofl:

I think that’s weird to say “none of them are in the Ivy League.” So what? MIT isn’t either, but you’d rather go there for a CS degree than Princeton. Similarly, Stanford may not be part of “the League”, but it’s considered Ivy Level.

Mostly this just tells us that people tend to go to a school near home and take a job near that school as well. East coast people stay East, West coast people stay in CA.

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That’s true. Is why the tech companies are setting shops near Universities.


I always thought ASU was a party school full of communications majors.
In reality it is just huge. 100,000 students

Where is Sfdragonboy


That’s another good point–Ivy’s are much smaller than state U’s, so of course more people will be hired from State universities compared to any small school.