Silicon Valley Is Still The Place To Be


Watch out, Nike!!!:slight_smile:


Ugh, why open your own retail stores when you can save a ton of capital by simply partnering with an existing company that has stores? If the product is hot enough, then you could probably get an existing retailer to pay you a premium for exclusive rights to carry it.


They all eventually want to come back…


Ok, watch out for Bengaluru!!!


Can Mr Printer regain some of his/her mojo???


Well, unless you are a dummy, which apparently you pretend not to be, gather all the neighbors in your vicinity and go to the bank and ask for your money in bills. I don’t need to say anything else.

By the way, banks don’t loan money per se. They just service whatever deal. You think they have $1.5 million in hand to give it to a guy buying a home? Do you see that money physically? Do you? OK…


One, if not the best printer I’ve owned, still being used after 4 years, is an HP Laser Jet Pro 200 color MFP M276nw.

I print, and print and print. I buy knock off ink on Ebay. No problem, I keep printing and printing and printing.


I use one of those combo Office Jet models with the fax and copy features since those seem to come in handy a lot (at least in the days of refinancing and making copies of every god darn doc you have). I also use a cheap Brother laserjet for doing my taxes over the years. Decent.

You are so right about the toner scam though. I didn’t realize until I saw on Youtube about how one can bypass the error message by taping and covering the side of the ink cartridge. B*stards!!!



“Sereno has an online tracking system that shows about 1,800 buyers in our pipeline alone — and there were only 954 active listings in the county for the month of August. So our buyers alone could conceivably gobble up the inventory that’s out there, twice over. In other words, Sereno has five percent of the Santa Clara County market, yet our firm has twice the number of buyers as there are listings in the entire county.”

That’s about all you need to know.

“A growing number of people employed in the Bay Area have RSU plans; lending officers say an increasing majority (of buyers) are qualifying by including these plans as income. The borrower qualifies based on an average of 24-month prior receipt of RSUs in addition to their vesting schedule going forward.”

That part worries me. If people need RSU income to qualify, then what happens when a stock downturn happens, layoff happens, or the company gets stingier on refreshes? Most people get the biggest grant when they hire on. If they are using that to qualify for a home, then that could get dicey. Remember when people qualified for loans based on unvested stock option value? That didn’t end well.


Well, we all know we are “all” leveraged to the hilt in some shape or form. Should the economy tank, all bets are off…


Yes I’m sure in the next round of downturn coming real soon Santa Clara county real estate value will drop by at least half, which means many homes in PA/MV/CU that are leveraged to the hilt will take a hit and get foreclosed, at which point I can go in a grab several of them at 50% discount… :rofl:


Stranger things have happened… I think if Vegas bookmakers made the line today regarding who would win, Hillary or The Donald, they would have Hillary winning. So, what happened there? Hey, if we are in full blown (no pun intended) war with Mr. Bad Haircut things could change in a hurry…


Aggressive bidding from me would ensure not more than 10% decline :triumph:


I’ll take that 10%… better than nothing :rofl:



Their adjustments for cost of living are laughable.



Shoot, Financial Times subscription page comes up…google this if article is of interest to you…


Google doesn’t work with FT. Never have. FT’s really hardcore. BTW Google stops working with WSJ too. :cry: