Silicon Valley Is Still The Place To Be

Right, and that’s the only thing I see backing up until Lawrence Expressway where we get off when I’m going in the morning.

The commute is smooth as long as you stay left around Page Mill.

Another story by a New York paper expounding the virtues of Silicon Valley…

More SV love…

SV is capturing more and more value of what used to be traditional industries: cars, hotels, and even skin care it seems. The divide between the brain in SV and the brawn elsewhere will get ever sharper.

Moral: buy, buy, and buy more Bay Area real estate.


I am with you, but can you actually have too much wealth/industry concentrated in such a fairly small area as is SV and the Bay Area as a whole? Yes, it looks and feels like we are truly turning into a megaregion. Soon, the media is going to have to include separately the Bay Area megaregion’s GDP when it does the reporting for state of CA vs other countries.

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Until we catch up to NYC in our billionaire count we aren’t even No.1 in the nation let alone the world. I don’t see why we can’t surpass NYC to be the top dog. But we need Jerry Brown to push more housing down our collective NIMBY throats. Otherwise we risk becoming like Hong Kong where the high real estate price chokes off everything else.

Unfortunately, I can see this exact scenario play out that way. Everyone wants to keep what they have and I don’t really blame them cuz I hate LA style traffic for example as much as anyone and it is here, baby, ooooh yes…

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Following FB’s fab numbers, Google does the same…

Just buy, buy, buy folks!!! These local companies are KILLING it!!!

State of Technology :slight_smile:

These companies are bloodsuckers. Ad is dirty money. Just like those old fashion media crooks. They should build more quality products and services for the human race. Surprisingly, China is doing better in this area.

I still maintain GOOG is past its prime. FB though is just getting warmed up.

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I don’t follow them much but when you have so much money can’t you dabble in a lot of projects/ideas to find that one big idea/product that will catch on???

I am curious to know what are the actual examples of your comment.

Tencent was a copycat of Yahoo!, now its WeChat’s direction is being copied by FB and Apple.
Baidu was a copycat of Google, now has e-commerce features instead of solely relying of selling you.
Very innovative YY and Meituan.

Mo money, mo money, mo money…

RWC is about to get even more crowded…

Jackals at the gate…

Yet nimby city councils refuse any efforts or common sense ideas to build new housing and keep entertaining the idea of rent control…Fiddling while Rome burns…fools…

I understand the high RE price is choking small businesses. On the other hand, do we really need to have the guitar shop in the most expensive part of Silicon Valley? Times changed. Just like having a corn field in Palo Alto is not the best use of the limited land, maybe guitar shops should not be there?

We are way, way past the stage when $50K salary allows a comfortable living in Palo Alto. Sorry. Gone. The horse has galloped out of the gate 30 years ago. No amount of construction will bring that back. Unless you are talking about bulldozing all the SFH’s in PA and replace them with mid-rise condos.

The guitar shop will do very well in Livermore, say. Houses in Modesto are 200K a pop.

Yes, times change but I can see why this aspect of gentrification and building progress is kind of bad. We lose more independent shops that added a uniqueness and flavor if you will to a city or community. I think you would agree that you wouldn’t want to see South Lake Tahoe to be overran with just big box stores rightt? What happens is that we get a real blandness to cities and everything becomes too common. You mind as well stay home then than go on vacation…

The thing is, people said the same when the farms and orchards went away. Silicon Valley used to be apricot valley. At what cost do we want these shops? Would you rather have a guitar shop instead of Facebook or Google?

If you don’t get rid of the old, where is the room for the new?

Look at this picture. Ain’t it more pretty than Intel and Cisco and Facebook and Google buildings?

Wow, it was beautiful! :slight_smile: