SILVAR. How Tax Reform will Affect BA Real Estate


I am actually sick, not recovered yet, did not have time to review.

Just got one link which gives whether each one of us pay additional tax or gain in tax. This site has the latest plan.

Surprisingly, it shows me $3750 benefit, I could not even believe it. Check your with actual figures, you may find out whether tax is positive or negative for you.


Looks like my tax goes down. Having no mortgage helps…
Of course it would go down a lot more if I moved to Nevada


All your complaining and your taxes go down? You should be celebrating.


After intense complaint, if many people start loving the tax reform, it would be ironic.

It’s all from the dumb media.


Considering 90% of people won’t even have to itemize, I think people will like it. No one enjoys doing taxes.


I still will pay more with Obamacare for another year.
Could save a lot more in Nevada. But not worth moving yet…


I was skeptical until I visited

In fact, I was not expecting any tax gains, but I do not want to pay any additional taxes, esp removing SALT !

Looks to me this is major overhaul in tax, not only in corp, but for individuals. Thanks to you and Jane’s research/analysis.


I never doubt I will benefit as a capitalist. You just have to have faith in the GOP to take care of rich people.


How are you a “capitalist”? Which working class have you exploited? :wink:


Capitalists just mean people with capital. People who own houses and stocks qualify. Most capitalists like you and me are friendly people. :smile:


Working people in red states and blue states benefit from tax reform, as has been discussed.

Now even pass through small time capitalists benefit.

And the high income professionals like Jane also get tax cut.

The super wealthy also get tax cut.

Who is getting a tax raise? How many people?

I didn’t believe the media at all. Back of envelope calculation and detecting the missing info in media can easily tell you that media is dumb or dishonest.

Next time, we need to learn from Jane, don’t fall for the media rhetoric, just do your own calculation and verification. Believe in yourself, not the media.


No no no… in order to qualify as a “capitalist” you have to be a member of the burgeoisie, which means you are an enemy of the poletariat whom you have unfairly exploited for your own monetary gain. :wink:


Jil, your tax savings should be much more that 3k. Your business income will be taxed at 16.8% flat rate if I’m not wrong. That alone should save you a bunch of money


That’s old school Marxism. I am from the “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” school. Cpaitalists are just one of the cats that catches mice.


Analysis | U.S. lawmakers are redistributing income from the poor to the rich,…

Lenin would be so proud of such achievement for a bloody war in the future.

Back in 1980, the bottom 50 percent of wage-earners in the United States earned about 21 percent of all income in the country — nearly twice as much as the share of income (11 percent) earned by the top 1 percent of Americans.

But today, according to a massive new study on global inequality, those numbers have nearly reversed: The bottom 50 percent take in only 13 percent of the income pie, while the top 1 percent grab over 20 percent of the country’s income.

Since 1980, in other words, the U.S. economy has transferred eight points of national income from the bottom 50 percent to the top 1 percent.

That trend is even more remarkable when you set it against comparable numbers for wealthy nations in Western Europe. There, the bottom 50 percent earn nearly 22 percent of the income in those economies, while the top 1 percent take in just over 12 percent of the money.

Since the 1970s the price of higher education has skyrocketed, putting the price of tuition out of reach for many low-income students. Over the same time, the tax code became more generous to the wealthiest Americans — the top marginal income-tax rate fell from 70 percent in 1980 to 39.6 percent in 2017, taxes on capital gains fell by more than half from the mid-1970s to the mid-2000s, and the estate tax has fallen as well.


Then you are not a capitalist. You are a “socialist with Chinese characteristics”.


Yes, I understand the impact to all Corp incomes. Even though I have S-Corp, most of its revenue, very small at this stage, is currently expensed.

Getting tax positive in blue state, after removing SALT, is really a surprise. I think the law makers made a major change both in corp and personal !

In fact, US Corp tax changes are welcome step and will definitely benefits the country long term. Kudos to Trump !!!


The rich are getting richer. But the poor are not getting poorer. You are the perfect example… you have seen maybe a five fold equity gain in your house value doubling, assuming 20% down. Homeownership is the key to wealth in the US… And it is liberal politics that is the biggest hurdle to homeownership. Rent control hurts everyone except the few renters that actually have a rent controlled apartment… Even they don’t benefit. Because they will never enjoy homeownership…
Enlarging the pie benefits everyone. shrinking economic growth with high taxes hurts every one…


Some dumb people argue here about wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich as a bad thing. But ignore the aforementioned report about redistribution from the poor to the rich. It may not be a man made action, but an unintended consequence of tax laws that are ignoring the economy is going full throttle without the help of the government. And here it is where I see the hypocrites sticking their heads in their rectums. They certainly hate government intervention, don’t they? But taxes? Yes! Go ahead! So much for a free market. Correct me if I am wrong.

While we live in a rich state, which by the way is similar to other liberal states, and which are under attack by an administration bent in vindictiveness and smear, we can’t ignore the neck of the woods states and towns that are being supported by the taxes the rich states deliver to the federation. Those poor people are seeing their lives being threatened by the lack of anything, from education, no replacement of the coal jobs due to a mother foxer liar, to meal on wheels while the liar spends their money golfing every weekend, money going to his pockets, but charged to their tab. They are the harvest of the republican party and they will be a sooner than later fields of death. This government is not helping them, but trying to destroy what’s good in other states like ours.

Time will tell the consequences. We just didn’t see the money stashed abroad being obligated to return to the US. And I think that was the idea cheered by some posters here. I don’t think stocks going up by the thousand will help to create jobs but to give CEOs and stock brokers and wall street investors more $ to stash anywhere.

What happened? A tax reform would have been that one where we kept whatever we were doing, and on top we would have seen our tax bracket being lowered. But giving with the left, while taking with the right hand is like giving candy to a kid in his mouth, but at the same time we replace it with the wrapper.

No matter what, this next year will be the best for me. I don’t give a chit about anything but my family. I just want point at the character of people bitching about government, but kissing its arse when it comes to taxes while the rest is eating chit. My job is to understand where everybody is coming, to serve everybody without any distinctions, money is money, right?
That’s all.


“I don’t think stocks going up by the thousand will help to create jobs but to give CEOs and stock brokers and wall street investors more $ to stash anywhere.”

You’re a special type of fool. When I asked for one accomplishment by Obama, you pointed out the stock market gains. When I said that only benefits the rich and doesn’t help the average person, you said I was deflecting. Now you are critical of tax reform, since stock market gains don’t help the average American.