Singapore Is That Good

Ok, we checked in earlier to our lovely 50th floor room facing the harbor side here at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

This place is damn impressive…

Our balcony view overlooking the Gardens By The Bay…

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The nicest Apple store that I can recall…

You want a mall… I give you a mall!


How much are you paying for your hotel room?

About $700 per night… USD

Just came from the casino…man, the place is packed for a Thursday near midnight!!!


oh wow! gorgeous!

From the iconic rooftop infinity pool seen in Crazy Rich Asians!!!

(6:30 this morning and yes the water was not exactly warm…)

Dude, don’t get too used to the high class lifestyle… would be a huge letdown when you go back to JB.

Wifey is coming around on buying a condo in Singapore…

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Crazy Rich Asian (American)!


Show that you are richer :face_with_peeking_eye:
Buy in CCR and pay 0% (Singaporeans + Americans) ABSD for first property at ATH after ATH prices :innocent: New condos = S$3000 per sqft.
Take note the definition of floor size is different from USA. In Singapore, any floor that is improved are included e.g. balcony, patio, floor (if improved i.e. not concrete) outside the main door, … in the computation of square footage i.e. 1000 sqft might be equaled to USA’s 700 sqft built-in.

Of interest… there is a debate whether property prices would crash…

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I think it makes more sense to rent, and travel around the world. Why get tied down to one place?

Why no PR from US allowed?


PR same same.

Well, while we are talking about crazy stuff, my idea was to sell my Sunset home and replace it with a 2-3 bd condo in Singapore and rent it out for retirement income (with hopes of course for capital appreciation). I figure no real chance of capital appreciation with overbuilt RE in Malaysia. I would then rent like you said everywhere else (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc). Technically speaking, all business expenses associated with Singapore property I should be able to write off correct? That includes all flights to Singapore and expenses that I can attach to the rental property. Decent plan?

I have zero idea what makes the SG property market ticks. My impression is that vast majority of Singaporeans own and live in government subsidized housing, the HDB flats? So the “private” market is small and kinda made up. And their government is not shy about interfering. The whole thing so-called market looks pretty artificial to me.

I think it would be a ton of fun to spend say a year in Vietnam, a year in Taiwan, another year in Japan… just rotating between the 10 or so countries around there. Man, just think about all the amazing local cuisines each country offers!! Paradise!!

Who knows? Maybe after spending years in Asia you find out you really did leave your heart in San Francisco and decide to move back home?

OMG, you are making even me, the most staunch San Francisco lover, cringe. The idea is to keep a small SF/Bay Area footprint just in case I do need a San Tung chicken wing fix…


Dwelling units
75% HDBs
25% Private

Mostly in RCR and OCR.
Rich Singaporeans and expatriates mostly stay in CCR.

63% citizens
9% PRs
28% foreigners, students

I have been there Singapore. Compared to SFO or LA, I do not like Singapore mainly for climate.

It has sultry climate , no match to CA beaches.

My relative was there 5 years, owned home, had PR. Finally, he is settled in LA last 10 years, bought his home in 2011 , sold all Singapore property, cancelled PR too.

They like LA better than any other place including Bay Area.

In fact, LA beach fronts are far better.I stayed 6 months Long Beach. If I get a chance, I May move to Long Beach.