SJC Transforming - Office complex slated to break ground in 2019


Who was the mystery building for? A couple of years ago…Google?

No idea who it is.

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8,000-10,000 employees is a huge campus. Apple’s new HQ is 12,000. There’s only so many companies that would need that much space. I wonder if it’s a foreign company.

The whole project was approved in 6 months. That’s how a world class city operates. Of course this begs the question, where will all these people live?

We need more trailer parks…

They need to stack them vertically to better use the space. Then you might as well build those modular apartment buildings that are low cost.

Sounds like dragonboys dream… not a new idea

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My bet would be on Amazon. I would have picked Salesforce but they recently had their new tower in SF.

Why would someone try to hide a new campus in bay area?

It’s a spec project with no tenants. Where will they find tenant to fill the buildings with 5k workers? If there is no big employer leasing, or may take years to fill the building.

Seems that we are nearing the peak of the market.