Small Claims Court Anyone?

I think I may need to sue someone in Small Claims Court. Anybody have experience (hopefully, not on the receiving end…) with the process? If you settled before actual court, that is great, but I want to know what actually happens in court and so forth. Thanks!

Only thing I can tell you is that if the time you’d spend on going back and forth to small courts is lesser than what your time $ wise is worth, go ahead.

Good luck to ya!

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Sometimes, like @Roy321’s lame neighbor, enough is enough…

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Court is for lawyers and judges… Everyone else loses…Small claims settlements are hard to collect.


You need to know where someone works to collect a small claims judgement.

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Both buyinghouse and elt1 are perfectly right ! Had been in small claims court three times, two wins and one 50:50 each party share the same. Fourth time, I did not go to court, but left the person (non-paying runaway tenant) free. Learnt there is no point in going behind the person who can not pay ! Even two wins, I did not get the money as this is not criminal issue.

Court needs documentary evidence, proof of claim…etc, feeling or unaccounted (not provable) claims can not be settled.

Even in court, Judge asks both parties to talk together and come to a compromise. If no compromise, then he/she will take the case.

Mostly, any case may take 6 to 12 months or more. I am sure you will gain hands on experience and will be a future advisor on this matter ! :wink:


Appreciate the info, All! Yeah, I know where the wife works so that should be easy enough. Actually not a tenant-landlord situation. Yeah, may be good experience to go through one…

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Been sued 6 time…Never went to court…They are settled…Currently being sued buy a tenant. .Probably the dumbest white trash couple on the planet. .Trashed our Delta house…and some how we owe them money???..My partner is an ex cop…Been in court often…This couple has no clue…We will keep delaying the court date…Court is theater where only court officials win…Never sue is my motto…

Can one actually delay Small Claims Court?


Defintely, people can ask extension and every extension goes to 45 days to 90 days or even 6 months depending on the availability !

Bet on courts being crowded, delay as long as you can…That is our plan. We can outlast our plaintants…They are desperate for cash…if they get worn down, maybe they will settle…

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Settle for what? You don’t sound like you intend to give them cash if they damaged your place?

I am willing to give them something maybe half of their deposit… My partner isn’t there yet…I don’t care about the exact damages being covered… I figure it is the cost of doing business. We already have another tenant lined up