Smart Home Automation

Projections for the device-connected Smart Home continues to rise by approximately 30% annually, since 2016. Adding value to the residence on several fronts, not the least of which is an insurance rebate. Integrating a Smart Home system into a new home build makes perfect sense, while I wonder if others are aware that both rental units, flips and remodels can augment their value with an upgraded Smart Home solution. What have you seen or heard about as it relates? Thanks.

The last thing in the world I want is an IoT-Smart-Home-Always-Listening-Always-Monitoring-Internet-Enabled-Cloud-Compromised Smart Home.

Zero, and by zero, I mean NONE, zip, zilch, null-set of the companies peddling these automated thermostat/videocamera/locks/garagedooropener/alexa/googlehome/whatever systems have security as #1, let alone #2, #3, or #4 priority.

Why in the name of all that is holy would you IoT-your home? Introduce all kinds of vulnerabilities where none existed before? Just for convenience sake? FFS, people with homes need to think through this sh*t before adding this crap to their homes.

If you had a submarine, would you drill holes in the hull and then bandaid them shut, pretending that your submarine is not more vulnerable to catastrophe?

Which one of these ridiculous IoT companies do you work for, Kara?


When we built our last house a few years ago, the builder already had home automation integrated into all the houses they built (Z-Wave platform.)

We did welcome some of these automation features. For example, home owners could remotely, via their smart phones anywhere, to…

  • Adjust temperature of individual rooms, zones, and floors.
  • Receive alerts of water leak (e.g. dishwasher, water heater.)
  • Receive alerts from smoke, heat, carbon monoxide alarms (and can program to act accordingly.)
  • Close garage doors, in case they were left opened accidentally.
  • Turn on/off lights of individual rooms.
  • Turn on/off/program water irrigation (useful for long vacation.)
  • Turn on/off any appliances (via smart power strips/outlets.)
  • Lock/unlock individual doors (useful in case forgot to lock doors after leaving home.)
  • Monitor home alarm and video surveillance system.
  • And more…

Some of these features were useful (e.g. water leak alarm,) some provided newfound luxury (e.g. lightings,) and some gave us a peace of mind (e.g. close garage door if forgotten.)

The smart phone app also allowed home owners to program the automation system (For example; IF this happens THEN do that, at WHEN and for HOW LONG.)

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Thanks for your intelligent and emotionally regulated response!

I’ve been checking into a number of vendors whose background is security with the home automation component an ancillary effect of using one app to control all of the afore mentioned.

Some prominent home builders are choosing to integrate these sorts of systems into the design. Others are advancing their current residence to be smart.


You are taking tips from a 4 yr old article from Bob Vila on securing your router… :flushed: