Smoke detector and marijuana

Is there a correlation between tenant using marijuana and tenant removing the smoke detector? Does marijuana trigger smoke detector alarm?

What can you do if a marijuana user tenant removes the smoke detector?

I doubt it. The smoke is no different than cigs and plenty of people smoke cigs and don’t set off the alarms.

Sounds like a scientific test is in order all you need is a cannabis card and invite a bunch to friends over let’s us know the results :anguished:

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Smoke dectors are the responsibility of the lanlords. …Fine tenants that remove them

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The smoke detectors get stoned. Need to replace them or send them to rehabilitation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to have the authority to “fine” the tenants. Lease only mentions a late fee, it does not mention any other monetary penalty. Since landlord has no policing power, there is no way to fine the tenant. Only way is to evict, but it’ll cost a fortune in lawyer fees and it would be very hard to prove.

As a Uber liberal, I voted for marijuana bill. Now I am regretting to give this freedom to the fellow liberals :sleepy:

Huh? I wouldn’t have pinned you for an “Uber liberal.”

Used to be “user liberal”, now more moderate. Still voted to have all liberals and conservatives to use marijuana freely. Should have a condition on not removing smoke detectors.

The reason for the transition from “Uber liberal” to “moderate liberal” is SF, especially its landlord murdering laws

As a former “Uber liberal”, I secretly hope Trump to crack down on SF eviction laws by appointing the non-liberal judges only

I agree with @Elt1.