Snap closes below $17 IPO price amid fears insiders will dump shares


Evan didn’t wear pajamas when he rejected the offer.


From this article it looks like Zuckerberg tried to strong-arm Snapchat first.
2ndly, it’s business and not personal & I’m sure nobody understands its more than the shrewd businessman Zuckerberg.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first flew out to meet Spiegel in his hometown at the end of 2012, according to Forbes, and proceeded to try scaring Snapchat’s founders by telling them that Facebook planned to release a nearly identical app a few days later. “It was basically like, ‘We’re going to crush you,’” Spiegel told Forbes about meeting. That app was Facebook Poke, which proved to be a flop.

Zuckerberg paid another visit to the young company the following fall to make his bid to buy it, but by that point Snapchat’s founders felt they had an edge.


The story sounds similar to that of Apple and Dropbox. Many features of dropbox were implemented in iCloud.


The first lockup ends next week. There’s 6x the number of shares issued for the IPO unlocking. I wonder how many will sell.


But if that were the case, wouldn’t it be the best time to buy right now?


Can snap become an aquisition target again? Google could be interested




Buy the rumor sell the news. Price goes up if massive lockup selloff didn’t materialize.


Snap is a loser. Even if stocks went up for a while it will still go down. Losers will always be losers.

As an exercise, name one major new feature they have done in the last 6 months.


Sounds verrry Risky :slight_smile:


Correct ! Snap is destined to go bankrupt level ! Many IPOs are pulled back from listing recently.


Next Earnings are on August 10.

Twitter Inc shares dropped 18 percent on the day of a key lockup expiry in May 2014. In November 2012, Facebook Inc jumped 13 percent the day of a lockup expiry after its IPO.

But experts said lockup expiries tend to hurt companies already on weak footing.


That is like saying Newton’s 3rd is action and reaction is equal and opposite. You miss out the fundamental which according to manch and jil,

[quote=“Jil, post:31, topic:2672”]
Snap is destined to go bankrupt level !
[/quote]That strategy works only if fundamental is sound. Did you do your due diligence?


Hehe… so much hate toward Snap! I don’t have any position in Snap but based on the reaction here maybe I should! Contrarian can win big…


Everybody is running away from a burning theatre, and you want to run inside? Do your due diligence. Is it a burning theatre or just a haunted mountain top where you can find many ginseng!


If really it is a burning theatre, why is its price not at 0? Some people apparently have faith in it.


Try it, let us know the results ! :laughing:


It’s the size of the lockup that’s key. It’s 6x the size of the IPO. That’s a lot of new shares for a stock that already has weak demand.


An intelligent person asks a foolish question? Carrying the analogy too far here, SNAP is a business entity not a physical theatre where we can see the fire. I didn’t follow the news surrounding SNAP, only read here that two persons dislike it. So no idea whether SNAP is a burning theatre or a haunted house. Why don’t you do some due diligence and tell me :grinning:


Um… don’t think I want to do any due diligence for you after you insulted me by saying that I asked a foolish question (which is actually a very intelligent question BTW).