Snapchat to IPO in March 2017


Is that a subtle hint saying you went to Harvard? :slight_smile:


I have some nieces who use Snapchat. Nobody in my age group who I know use SC. So I am in a pickle here. How can I invest in Snap if I don’t use its product… :thinking:

I guess I could ask my nieces if I can friend them? Gosh, is “friend” even the right word here? But I’d feel like a dirty uncle…


That’s precisely the success reason for snapchat: my wife and I (both engineers) tried to use snapchat and failed 4 times (installed, tried it, uninstalled). I watched my niece use it for the first time, they were able to post photos almost immediately. It’s when I realized:

  1. oh shit I’m too old to understand the new product.
  2. when my niece’s generation start to get old (say 5~10 yrs from now), snapchat will have to launch a completely different product to grasp the next generation.

The trouble is, Snap is much like Apple with Jobs: they rely on the founder for every decision, and the founder makes decisions with his gut feeling, disregarding experimental data. Hopefully he’s the next Jobs. Otherwise they’re f**ked when he turns 30 (4 yrs left).


I don’t know why he chose to locate the HQ in SoCal. But it turns out to be a genius idea. It set them outside of the Valley group think. I think Amazon also benefits by being in Seattle instead of the Valley. Both Amazon and Snapchat’s moves are really unorthodox.

Snap is no longer just about the chat, at least that’s what they signal to the outside world with the name change. So maybe they want to expand beyond the under-30 market. It’s interesting to see if Instagram manages to steal some of Snap’s magic.

Facebook is really strong in traditional engineering. Its management is top tier. I say it’s way better than even Google’s. But I don’t see it as very creative. Snap is kind of like an offbeat artist. Very creative, but at times chaotic and not good at money management. Very interesting rivalry.


If you think twitter is bad, snap chat’s UI is horrible. I’m pretty sure it’s the result of a hackathon for worst UI. Snap chat is basically a group texting app with pics and video that works cross platform. That doesn’t appeal to much outside millenials who think everything they are doing is the most important thing ever. Millenials are the largest generation though.

@hanera No one uses Siri for anything serious. It’s horrible. Amazon’s Alexa is much better. They really dropped the ball on the fire phone. I bet they’ll give it another go at some point with Alexa being a key differentiating feature.


The opposite of Snap is Slack. That one’s value should be obvious to many. The latest round pegs it at 3.8B.

Facebook just released its Workplace product targeted at private messages within a company. Why did it take so long for FB to release Work? If my memory serves Facebook itself have been using it internally forever, way before Slack came around and became the cool kid on the block. That’s rare strategic error on FB’s part I think.

But I still like Facebook’s chance better than Slack’s. It’s like Facebook vs Twitter in a sense. Slack is more geared towards the power user type, while Facebook’s Workplace is for the masses. Also, I often wonder if Workplace is FB’s trojan horse to get it inside China’s Great Firewall?


Reach of the slack is somewhat limited. As powerful as it is in terms of integration, it is a lot geared towards techies. A lot of non-techies lost on non-threaded messages. For FB, their strength is speed. They were in beta for over a year to work out on low bandwidth situation and they have really nice video / audio solution where others are missing. I see bright future in FB Workplace in enterprise social network. Yammer tried it with some success and huge money to be made there. I am curious to see the numbers in their next earning call.


I think focusing on business is nice but it’s not where the money is. 70% of our economy is consumers. Enterprise software spending is maybe 3%.


Haha no, there were a handful of other schools that FB made available to back in 2004.


Slack is a glorified version of Hipchat (acquired by Atlassian). To this day I don’t understand why Slack became so popular, Hipchat has been around long before Slack was even born. Do the extra colors and emoticons matter that much to people??


IMO, Slack is much snappier than Hipchat, but I think what win over is Slack provided tons of integrations with other external tools and make it fun environment to do so. And of course who doesn’t like giphy and emoji :robot:


Please, people, use more emoji! :v:


Twitter’s Troubles and Snap’s Appeal: It’s All About the Mojo


Snap Builds Engineering Team in San Francisco

I don’t have a subscription. Anybody does? So @notabene is right on. Any insider info? :pray:


Not that I have any, but not sure how insider info would be useful for private companies. :slight_smile: Knowing the engineering talent they acquired though, they’ll do good. Based purely on eng, I’d rate them higher than Airbnb or even Uber.


Snap CEO is smart, wonder how far he can bring the company forward.


Just needed some HTML skill to get rid of their marketing popup:

Snap is for the first time hiring engineers in San Francisco, partly in an effort to strengthen its capabilities in search.

Since the summer, the newly renamed parent company of Snapchat has hired fewer than a dozen engineers who are working out of a small office in North Beach. Among the most prominent is Wisam Dakka, a longtime search engineering manager at Google, a Snap representative said. Mr. Dakka couldn’t be reached for comment.

At Google, Mr. Dakka worked with well-known Google search engineer Alex Grushetsky to boost Google’s search-results rankings by using machine learning, says a person who worked with them at Google. Mr. Dakka’s exit is a rare high level defection from Google’s search team


Interesting… why is Snap hiring a search guy?? :thinking: Now I really need to use Snapchat.


Higher than Uber? Wow.

One thing I wonder is how they divide the tasks among the 3 teams in Venice Beach, SF and Seattle. Who does what? I don’t usually this kind of remote site set up. People work better shoulder to shoulder on the same table.


Why would anyone NOT need a search guy? :slight_smile: Snapchat has this twitter-like video feed that you can browse / subscribe to. Those are all search problems.