So, How Much Do You Make?


Are you guys able to discuss freely with your buddies how much you make? Or not? Since my best friend is the IRS man who looks at my taxes he obviously sees my tax return. (For some reason, I don’t understand why he is laughing all the time and shaking his head…)


Who doesn’t know how to use glassdoor to get an idea of what they should be making?


Obviously, sites like Glassdoor will shed some light but everyone is different. Some more, some less. Do you even care what your friend(s) make? I can see younger folks being more transparent about it than say older folks who are a bit more guarded.


I don’t see why anyone should care. Even if they make gazillions of money it’s not like you are going to ask them to buy you a yacht.


Not “enough”


The article might be intended for women and trying to find and fill the gender pay gap :rofl:

But it could reveal a large pay gap among friends and envy may ruin the friendship