So Long, Silicon Valley: The Best Cities for Tech Jobs in 2017


To home in on these alternate tech hubs, Indeed’s researchers mined job listings within the 51 largest metros in the U.S. They looked at the proportion of tech job listings for each local area, and in this case, San Jose, CA—the heart of Silicon Valley—still reigns supreme, with 19% of its local job postings in tech.

But researchers also looked at each city’s share of tech job postings nationwide—how big a piece of the tech pie they have overall—and whether that slice is growing or shrinking. Viewed this way, San Jose’s status seems to be sinking, since its share of the nation’s tech jobs dropped nearly 6% from the first half of 2016 to 2017.

  1. San Jose, CA: 19%
  2. Washington, DC: 17%
  3. Baltimore, MD: 13%
  4. Seattle, WA: 12.5%
  5. Raleigh, NC: 11%
  6. San Francisco, CA: 11%
  7. Austin, TX: 10%
  8. Boston, MA: 9%


Who knew DC and Baltimore have more tech than Seattle? :thinking:

Raleigh could be an interesting place for RE investment.


I’m sure there’s a ton of tech jobs related to government stuff.

I see Seattle is beating SF. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


It started on the gridiron for years now…:grinning:


Deep dive of the data:

In short, Seattle is really closing in on us.

Bay Area’s loss is Seattle’s gain. Damn it!!

Next question, if Silicon Valley is 100, which city is closest to SV in terms of job mix? Not surprisingly, SF is the closest, at 83%. The next batch, at 75% dish, include Boston, Austin, Seattle, Boulder and Portland.

Which area have the most jobs in fast growing areas like computer vision and machine learning? 16% of SV and 15% of SF job positions are in these areas. 12% for Austin and Seattle. But in terms of pay, fully 57% of Seattle jobs are highly paid, defined as over 100K salary. That even beats the Bay Area.

We need to bid up Seattle’s house prices ASAP. The sooner it becomes as unaffordable as SF the better… :thinking:


Who cares…Let Seattle win…The BA is still a much nicer place to live…