So much hiring by Walmart


We knew it. No matter what tax cuts they receive, the Waltons, Kochs don’t care about “the people”. 11K? Some say 52K people are going to lose their jobs. Nice new year celebration, right?

That is adding to the failure of the last year employment numbers that missed its target, breaking the record Obama had during the last 5 years. Crickets? Crickets. :smile:

They, together with the Koch bros executed the most brilliant attack on the economy by helping to elect a president whose shitty mouth is causing commotion around the world.


Ain’t that great?


Lots of hiring people!



Tax reform working for “the people”. :laughing:

On Friday, there was news of more pain for Walmart workers. The company confirmed to Business Insider that about 3,500 “co-managers” will be laid off across the country. They will be replaced by new, “assistant manager” positions, which would have a lower salary. The laid off workers will be able to “apply” for these new jobs.