So what's up with the BA RE market?


Three other data points —

  • I had a vacancy in Q3 of 2018. The original tenant signed on in Q4 of 2017. It took 7 days to find two competing potential tenants - the price negotiated was 10% higher than before.

  • Another unit - in Q1 of 2019, I increased rent by 3.875% from what was negotiated from 1 year ago.

  • Another unit - in Q1 of 2019, I increased rent by 9% from what was negotiated from 1 year ago.


My data points are down down down. Location and type of dwelling matters. I know Marcus rental is not a SFH.


Where are your rentals? Mine are all in SF.


Mine is in SV. Rental market is difficult for 1+ years! Impossible to raise rent, potential came to bargain for lower rent than their current rent. Not many relocate.


The young blood is all in SF.


I’m surprised by the rent raises in SF. Did the area gets gentrified and become more desirable? I guess you are renting out 1-2 bedroom units.

Also why do you get so much turnover? When tenants move after 1 year, it may suggest that they can find better deals.


Only one tenant turned over. They moved to SJ in search of cheaper pastures. Yes, 1 and 2 bedroom units. Nob Hill.


Is it rent controlled apartment? You would be lucky if they move


Where are you working again, and what grades are the kids? What is you needs regarding schools?

Houses in RWC may be flatlining, but not sure if that goes for Menlo Park and PA as well.


I don’t touch rent controlled stuff


Are yours one-bedroom? Many singles want to combine to rent a SFH, I rejected all.

Huh… 1 bedroom is easier to rent out here too.


Mid-pen, looks like a missed opportunity in the winter. There isn’t enough inventory to really tell. Re-lists seem to be moving. High end cream puffs are pushing prices higher. Entry level cream puffs, I haven’t really seen any.


You have already violated fair housing act. Please settle with the people you have rejected by paying them $10k each head :joy:


But condo HOA is very high in SF so it’s all negative cash flow. Might be a good idea to buy SFH and rent to a bunch of roommates


Yeah. And the sale may still be going. I would at least take a look before it stops raining and prime season starts.

Also, our old rental went back on the market. It listed in September!
[EDIT: Actually, it might be the front unit available now. Not sure, but the sign is back out in front.]


Imagine if you had something in SJ for them to move into. :smile:

Be the kingpin of BA RE. :muscle:


Very true. Buy when there is mud on the street.



Plus you know whether there are leaks :slight_smile:


Condo HOA is whatever you want if you own the whole building.

Yeah, I do that too.