So what's up with the BA RE market?


Imagine all those early Uber and AirBnB guys getting 100M plus. They are now retired and turning to angel investing to fund the next wave of startups. Where would they go? Austin? Nope. They are staying put. Because they are plugged into the whole tech scene here.

It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.


I don’t know any successful startups from early google, Facebook or any of the faang.

You get lucky once, it doesn’t make you better at the second time.

Uber founder is already retired, what’s his new investment?


Peter Thiel didn’t stay in SV! There are many $1-$10M guys too :slight_smile: There are non-SWEs too. I don’t think all will be investing in startups related in vehicles.


When you are rich you can live anywhere. Most of rich own several homes.


He went to LA only because there are not enough gay people in the Bay Area.


Detroit used to have the highest income in the country. Then they started taxing businesses. Detroit thought there was no way the businesses would ever leave. We can all see how that played out.


Businesses have started leaving. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc have setup large branches/ 2nd HQs elsewhere. It takes time to move operation elsewhere. Once that elsewhere has the critical mass/ momentum, businesses would “suddenly" move to there. However, I don’t expect Apple to move their main HQ as long as Tim Cook is the CEO. In short, may not happen in my lifetime.


Detroit went bankrupt because the American auto industry got smacked by foreign competition. Bay Area can only go bankrupt when foreign competition takes it down. It cannot be taken down by another domestic metro.



That’s why my statement explicitly mentioned America. SV will always be the king of tech and VC funding because of the network effect. However it may get disrupted by other countries like China, although I don’t see that coming at the moment.

So out of all famous investors only Thiel left. That’s the exception that proves the rule. What about the rest of the PayPal mafia?

We were discussing Okta in another thread. Where did their founders come from? He used to work at Salesforce. Where did Salesforce’s founder come from? He used to work at Oracle.

Apples don’t fall far from the tree. That’s network effect.

In fact, there’s also reverse selection going on. People who moved from Bay Area to Austin are the less ambitious types. They are less likely to take big risks to start their own companies. Ambitious A-types stay in the pressure cooker here and rub shoulders with Mark and Sheryl. Slackers who want regular 9-5 hours and a big house on the cheap move in Austin. :smile:


America needs to import to the Bay Area all Indians with an IQ higher than 130. Will need to do that ASAP to prevent a Chinese disruption in tech.


Done. :wink:


Sounds good I’ll adjust my appetite and get used to eating more curries… :rofl:


You always describe historical and current situation. Think out of the box :wink: Start from the fundamental drivers, don’t parallel or extrapolate.

What? You’re from UCLA? Thought you graduated from Minnesota.


When you stop looking at stock charts you can lecture me to ignore history. :smile:


Mixing up short-term and long-term!
Short-term is a voting machine.
Long-term is a weighing machine.
When would @manch be able to digest what he had read :pray:

Let me teach the maths/cs grad some basic calculus/ limit theorem,



Detroit’s population peaked in 1950. As recently as 1995, Ford, GM, and Chrysler had 70% market share. Detroit’s population had already declined by 45% in 1995. The auto industry prosperity left Detroit long before foreign competitors were a problem.


I am willing to make bets with anyone. Come at me. :smile:

SV will still have biggest share of American VC in 2030. Bet?


That’s because of white flight to the suburbs. Detroit Metro as a whole was good until foreign competition swallowed it alive.


People complaining about taxes are missing a full half of the balance sheet. They only look at the liability but the not asset.

If you look at the whole system it’s obvious why start ups still flock to the Bay Area despite the cost. Cost high? Sure. But benefits are even higher.

Don’t be the person who knows the price of something but not the value.


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