Software Engineer salaries in 2018, tech levels, and lifestyle


RSU income can count for jumbo mortgages, since investors set the guidelines not freddie/fannie. There are investors out there that accept RSU income from top tech companies, so the employees can get a mortgage. Part of me wonders if it’s the company itself buying the mortgages using the cash which needs to be invested in something. Imagine if Apple used some of it’s massive cash hoard to give employees 2% mortgage rates. They are probably earning less than 2% on the cash right now. That’d be e pretty powerful retention tool if leaving the company forced you to refinance to market rates.


Sorry, my bad.


Maybe tech companies should start offering 2% mortgages to employees. That’s more tax efficient. Real rate is 4% and you get 2% off when you are employed. Once you leave the company, rate goes to 4%


RSU income is actually reported on W2 so it is not semantics. But general I agree with you that RSU number are not final until you are vested.

Also, other than a few companies like Google & FB, a lot of companies does’t give out good refresher RSU as when you first joined. It is definitely a risk that Banks are using that RSU numbers are perpetual income.


Some banks offer super low interests rate to employees. I know the SG bank DBS does that.


We will have another recession at some point and even FAANG stocks will suffer big declines. If people need all of that income to pay their bills, they’ll suffer.

It’s honestly similar to when all the blue collar workers in Michigan were making tons of overtime. A lot of people were in debt up to the max of their income with overtime. The economy slowed enough that companies cut overtime. They didn’t lose their job, but they had a ton of financial problems. People who treated overtime like a bonus and used it to save/invest or pay cash for things were fine.


There is not much different from people using margin. Only when the tide goes down we know who are naked. But we all forecast is going to rise for at least one more decade right? What if we are right? 30% margin at 20% annualized return is almost 80x more over 10 years.

(1.2) to the power of 10 = 6.2
(1.3 * 1.2) to the power of 10 = 85.4


Margin should be on money that’s already surplus. If you lose more of your surplus, you’re not going to be broke or homeless. You just need to rebuild. Losing income you rely on to pay monthly bills is pretty financially devastating.


Tech should buy all BA RE. Then rent control will be a non issue.


Re: Google comps

Gosh darn it. Time to get me a job.


Compensation :rocket: since you left the workforce :grinning: not every where pay well. I think is only google, fb, NFLX, LinkedIn and certain division of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.


Box in RWC pays pretty well too. I was helping a friend analyze an offer. Box beats G’s offer and almost beats NFLX. And I think Box probably have best WLB.


numbers please.


You need to get on Blind for TC :wink: This case is not your T6 level, only T4.


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Also knowing number of all levels is good, for refering people, comparing with past comp etc.


Yea, Blind is so much toxic environment. Haven’t opened that for awhile. If you really want to know, PM me.


Last i remember was this cryptocoin dude making something like 20M off of 200K investment.

Not sure why i deleted it though, there was probably a trigger or something :slight_smile:


Pay ‘em well and they will come.

Companies worry more about access to software developers than capital


Well, in that case I might have a good shot at earning a couple million dollars by writing a couple lines of “Hello World” code… :rofl: