Software Engineer salaries in 2018, tech levels, and lifestyle


There is a limit.


Saw this on Quora:

Leo Sung

Leo Sung, former Project Manager at Google (2012-2017)

Answered Mar 25

As the recruiter at Facebook stated below, your compensation level highly depends on your role in the company!

But you can have some feelings how Facebook treats employees by comparing the numbers with other players.

  1. Google - 140k base, 107.5k RSUs, 50k sign on, 15% bonus

  2. Facebook - 160k base, 75k RSUs, 70k sign on, 10% bonus

  3. Lyft - 170k base, 180k RSUs, 20k sign on

  4. Dropbox - 162k base, 114k RSUs, 10k sign on

  5. Airbnb - 152k base, 75k RSUs, 13.5k sign on

Figures above On ANNUAL Basis


Lyft is giving out 180k RSU??? :scream:

Is that what you are getting @harriet?


Are these RSUs vested over 4 years or do they give that amount every year?


I don’t know. I am old and not at all plugged into the big money tech scene. How is it done @harriet?


My ex-tenant got this package when he was hired by Apple back in 2014:

Base: $180k
Bonus: $40k
RSU: $250k (vested over 4 years)

He quit his job and moved back to Minnesota after 2 years (left 50% of RSUs on the table)…


WTF?? Is he nuts?


Yes, his wife told me they are nuts and don’t compare them with other people. I tried hard to entice them to stay… I really did… :tired_face:


So his wife is nuts too??? :scream:


Yes…? :laughing:


Manch is looking through his capricious Hong Kong capitalist’s eyes. Many Americans quit after earning enough to enjoy their carefree lifestyle rather than chasing the $5M per person target.


You mean losers?


I know… Manch is so money hungry… :rofl:


How do they calculate the value of the RSUs at Lyft and Airbnb? Those numbers are questionable.


Valuation of the latest round?


Valuation of private companies is a shot in the dark. It’s a made up number.


Fair skin Harriet works in Lyft?


You guys will never guess where I work, so you should just stop trying.


If we are that hopeless you may as well give us more hints.


Why should I give you guys more hints? And saying I have fair skin doesn’t do anything (and my skin is not fair anymore) :unamused: