Software Engineer salaries in 2018, tech levels, and lifestyle


No. Should I?


I think so…


L6 buying a 3.5M house? Maybe L6 has a wide pay range


Well his wife is probably around the same level, hence the $3.5M house.


Very rare for that to happen. Rich guys marry bimbos. So no need to get jealous here :slight_smile:


Your plan?


I’m not rich enough to be at that level :rofl:


Not jealous at all. If T is paid well he probably deserves it. If he twiddles his thumbs all day then that’s another story.


He does triddle his thumbs quite a bit I think


I think his wife works at YT so she is likely to have comparable pay as well.


How much does L7 make?


How did you figure out? I did not hear anything about YT. I think he is the single income


You guys gotta be more observant. Geez…can’t tell you all my tips and tricks.


I remember he said he’s the sole breadwinner, the wife does not work or work for fun


T’s wife works. Not sure where. But if @harriet says so then yes case closed.


Why you ask me? Do I look like I know?


Yoda already updated the table above to include L7-L8.


OK just checked not jealous.


Gross $600k at point of allocating the RSUs. The pay is designed so that it is high enough to make most of them unwilling to start a business and low enough not to add too much to the expenses. However, nowadays, if your skill is pretty rare, is common for another big companies to poach you by offering 50%-100% jump in pay including vesting your RSUs :slight_smile: usually with a promotion. If tomato is that good, it won’t be long that his pay would double or triple, above $1M :slight_smile:


My wife is not a bimbo for sure :slight_smile: