Software Engineer salaries in 2018, tech levels, and lifestyle


Wife is not an eng.


It’s extraordinary money for people barely out of school. Good money to jump start one’s investing career.


That means you are not a rich guy either… :rofl:


I am jealous. Come on. Let’s be honest with ourselves here. To get to that level in a career requires certain amount of stamina and skills which I don’t think I personally possess. That’s why I am where I am… :smile:


Okay then she probably has a L3 or L4 package from a total comp perspective at YT so household is grossing at ~$600K/year, hence the $3.5M house :slight_smile:


Y’all at too curious about this :slight_smile: i own a basic car, i enjoy simple things in life. That is all that matters.

But i want to build a f5 shelby cobra, there is that.


Agree. In addition, should start a business (or at least jump ship) if didn’t get a promotion once every 1-3 years. Having experience in starting a business is very valuable, I notice many leadership/ top management (VP, SVP, Cs) position in big tech companies have experience running a business (startups or face the money).


Dude i would be so happy if people in these positions had business founder experience. These days corporations are riddled with people who has no clue about what it takes to start one, and their decisions kill me and the momentum of the company.


He meant he is rich and has a pretty wife.

Btw, instead of bimbo, it is more descriptive to say, 胸大无脑


I don’t think a $3.5M house is the definition of simplicity. Anyhow having too much fun right now, time to get off work :slight_smile:


A 3.5m house will rot your brain and chain you to your corporate desk for life.

Just say no.


Let me check my stock account…

No, not jealous. Not today.


It is. Here are things that might look odd (at least, sometimes it feels that way):

  1. I don’t like taking vacations, if i get more than 2-3 days off time, my brain starts frying from boredom. What most people consider fun is somewhat of a torture for me.
  2. We only have 1 car, I gave my car to wife, she drops me to gbus station, and sometimes i take the car. It’s a 2012 mazda 3.
  3. I want to live in good neighborhood, because not planning on moving. I could probably put a huge down to reduce mortgage and maybe even bring it to a single income territory, but not doing that for a reason.
  4. I am not planning to stay corporate for long, though i was saying that 2 years ago too. I am taking actions.
  5. I have a beautiful and smart wife. She’s sometimes a bit scared of the unknown, and will lean on the safe option (think: investment), but that’s fine. I found ways to make her comfortable about these.
  6. I am an introvert, I avoid going corporate offsites in general, avoid travel even when i can probably go every other month domestic/international - as i mentioned i hate it.
  7. I am fine wearing good will tshirts (though i never did, i would be fine with the cheapest apparel you can find provided that it’s dark color). And please, give me the same looking things/ same color every day - it’s better for me. I don’t like making choices every day. My wife doesn’t get that, though, she finds same thing every day boring. I try to simplify my life, she tries to make it more fun.
  8. I am making ok money, and could probably do more even by simply going to FB. But not planning on that, as mentioned, like the guy i am planning to depart for. Which might mean reduced pay since it’s not Ads, but i will pick up other things. Maybe If i can buy that fedex route i have been talking for months…
  9. Worst comes to worst, I sell the house, no big deal. Life has more things to worry about.


Of course you are not. Why should you be. You have a kid? Looking to adopt one? I come all expenses taken care, no school tuition, no headache.


PM me the worth of your stock account before I can decide whether to be jealous of you or not :slight_smile:


Show one show all!!!


sharing is caring right?


Come on, my stepson, err, friend, you can do more than just put together a prefab shelby on your weekends…



You mean, drive it? In the tracks?


Sharing is daring. See what you guys did to @Jil. Not sure if he’s ever going to come back… :crying_cat_face: