Software for Appraisals in NYC Co-Working/Office Share

Hey Everyone,

So to give some context, I am looking at potential investments and good locations in NYC to open a co-working space. I know there is a vibrant startup scene there and the whole co-working/office sharing scene is growing fast (WeWork, ShareDesk, etc.).

I was wondering if there was any software or service you would recommend using that would help automate the searching process? Specifically, anything to help hunt down potential investments and give some revenue projections for offices in particular neighborhoods in NYC would be great.

Is there software that commercial real estate developers use for office appraisals that would be useful?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there! Most of us are Bay Area centric (well, we have someone in Seattle and South Lake Tahoe that I know of) so we probably can’t chime in. I am thinking there must be a similar forum like this one for folks back there and spec in the NY area where folks can certainly give you some real help. Maybe check Reddit first for some guidance/direction? Just my .02… Good luck!!!

Curious how you discovered this forum