Software for PMing

What are you using for PM software? I need to transition away from paper and basic Excel… I just started using free version of Stessa but it seems lacking, even their paid version. I don’t mind paying some but don’t want to commit if there are better alternatives.

Appfolio, Buildium, and Yardi seem more targeted to the big boys. Is there something good in between?

My PM uses AppFolio. From my side, it’s pretty good.

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I use folder for paper receipts; computer for electronic receipts.

Excel on OneDrive for tracking income and expenses. Entering income is easy, as it is set rent 12 times a year, even for multiple units. Entering expenses takes time. Pivot table can provide year-end summary by category for filing taxes. Can easily calculate NOI, ROI, or whatever metric you want.

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That’s what I’m doing basically…Excel and boxes of paper. I’m old school guy and I like my paper but thinking I’m should embrace some tech in the year 2023…

I’m going to be over 30 units next year if that matters. Maybe I keep going as is…