Some Love For San Jose


That’s why I love you man!

We are planning on that, pretty soon.


Just sneak away and tell everyone later. That is what I did.
There is life after the BA scene.


It has already happened in Tahoe in just 5 seasons.
Already looking elsewhere. But wife hates moving. Thinking part time in San Diego and San Felipe.
You can buy a house in San Felipe for $80k
Probably the same in Ensenada. San Felipe is much warmer. 4hr drive from San Diego



Starting to look like this is coming true with the last listing posted by @Jil.


Ok, impressive…




Uh, I’d rather take San Jose than Alabama…



Wow, really had to dig deep into the crystal ball, eh???


Spring will be interesting, especially if the stock market is making a new ATH.


Yup, let’s see if the few high profile tech companies go public or not. If they do, could be another banner year in the Bay RE market…


Isn’t there usually a 6-month lockup for employees? They better be going public soon to impact this year’s RE market.


True, but you need time to look at some wonderful RE porn anyway, right?:wink: